Helping Self...

Limbs and Fish

This is why I DO NOT feel safe feeding fish….going fishing…being out on the open oceans / seas and walking / sitting / lounging on these types of docks/ piers/ harbors! I PROMISE you that he will think twice about trying to ” SUMMONS ” another mammel from the water!!! Glad he is ok


Weekend Still Interesting!

My son’s best friend really enjoyed church service this aftertoon and I have to tell you how funny the morning even started!!! I was playing a video tape of a black pentecostal preacher named T.D. Jakes ( google his name ) and YES!! Via the black church the way that he preaches is  a certain style to it! Well anyway, he was sitting at my dining room table eating breakfast and he turned to me and said.. WOW!! That mean just keeps really, really  screaming loud!! You just had to REALLY hear how he said it because he was NOT trying to be funny at all, it just concerned him that this preacher just would not stop screaming as he was talking.

The black church calls it preaching but other cultures who do not understand it is either scrared or just simply confused by this style of preaching. I expressed to him that the church that we were going to was a multi – cultural church and he will fit right at home! LOL He then said that it did not matter if it was a black church or a white church, he just do not want the screaming the whole servie!

Whew Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so  so hard that I just walked away after I gave him a hug! LOL

We had a good day and guess what happened when we were leaving church!!! I got a text from my son’s baseball coach and he stated that my son had a game TODAY!!! It would be a make up game! Yes I was soo ticked because as you see, I STILL CANNOT seem to get any ALONE ( free time )………….. Nontheless, I was very elated that my son’s best friend loved the church and experienced a different setting of ministry that he will consider visiting again! When I went to pick them up from their Sunday School, them boys surely did not want to leave! God is good!!!!

I feel like we are The Three Amigos!!