Gotta Love Scripture!

This Is The Type Of Ministry God Called Me To....If You With Me As A Soldier On The Front Line To Win Souls For Christ Holla! Much Love To All, But This Is Where It Begins..Roll Your Sleeves Up, Get Dirty Sometimes and STOP The Deepness...People Are Dying Right In Front Of You Daily...Leaders Your Congregations Are Screaming Inside Waiting For You To Just Hear Them....Take The Time To Hear Them...Take The Time To Watch Them Grow Outside Of Preparation For ANOTHER Consecration.....NO HATERADE HERE, But They Are Calling For Prayer....Be Wise As To How You Network....It Just Might Be The Death Of Your Ministry...Reach Out To A Real Lost And Dying World...The SAINTS no better!!!  ++ABS


Quick Question

There are 168 Hours in a Week………..¬† Time DOES matter, would you not agree?

How many hours do you take to spend time with God via Рtalking /prayer/ reading the word? Just wanted to help you be aware of how your time may be spent.

Helping Self...

holiday random

The ladies at my place of business are excited about Christmas and they are VERY proud of the tree they placed up, which I am standing by. Nonetheless, I was talking to the ladies at work,¬† trying to remind them about the choas that can occur during this holiday season and the PRESSURE that it can bring for NO LEGITIMATE reason. I shared with them about the reason why it is called Holiday Spirit …… The recession and the economical state of this country still really has not affected folks mind sets on spending for this Christmas Holiday. It behooves me to be frank. I actually wanted to try something DIFFERENT this year and follow the lead of what some of my other friends have been doing for years that I USE TO MAKE FUN OF.

They seem to have the theory that because they start their Christmas shopping months in advance, it keeps them from stressing out when the month of December actually gets here! Listen to me people….this was MY FIRST year trying this theory of their and it indeed worked. I started it with my sister and lovely mother’s birthday as well. Their birthday was in November and a week apart but I started getting things for their birthdays back in Septemeber so when the month of November actually came, the ONLY things that I actually bought were the bags to place the gifts in and Iwent to the Dollar Store! Wow right!!!

Now for Christmas, I started in October and onw that it is December, I desire to get 2 to 3 things for my MOTHER but besides that I AM DONE! Like I had said in a few blogs in the past…. the way that my sister, my mother and I shop for one another makes us ALL feel like it is Christmas on a weekly basis. THEREFORE, when the Christmas season tip toes around…. NONE OF US ARE STRESSED. Over the last 2 years we all have been doing less for one another and focusing more on the QUALITY time that we spend with one another and the conversations about Christ that we are able to have together….. >>> awesome time! Just like Thanksgiving 2011 was! POW! POW!

I have learned already that Santa cant do what Jesus CAN do…….. My son represents the little boy in the cartoon photo above and he is 9 1/2 years old and it wasnt I who told him that Santa was no longer real and it was a fictional charachter that parents made their kids believe in because “we thought” that by making them believe in IMAGINARY PEOPLE would some how make them feel happy! THAT ANALOGY IS JUST SIMPLY CRAZY!!! However, it took my 9 1/2 year old son to HELP ME SEE that what I was doing and making him believe him was NO different than what I told him that he wasnt allowed to believe in.

You know how there are some kids as young as 4 and 5 years old who all of a sudden have these imaginary friends?? Welp, I have always taught my son that we dont do or believe in imaginary friends.. that is NOT of God… However, I use to tell him about SANTA CLAUSE! I am yet still learning and I thank Jesus for being born and saving my family and I from the foolishness of the WORLD!

So now that it is December 8, 2011 ….my son knows that God PROVIDED the gifts under the tree and he is grateful…..

I am elated that my son rather feels that he is getting gifts because he is a good boy and understands that he has to be respectful, kind, courteous etc. to be able to get blessed with things…. verses the crazy lies that I use to tell him about Santa Clause… because there is NO naughty or nice list! The only list that I tell him that he needs to focus on is getting his name placed in the Lambs Book of LIFE… #JesusROCKS!