Marathons Will Not Be The Same…



3 People died 176 hurt, several families touched and thousands of bystanders’ mental state changed forever……..




A Little Weird and Disturbing


My son had a basketball game LAST weekend and he accidentally was kocked in the face by an opposed teammate.

It was an is a very contact sport..etc..etc.. etc..etc..

My issue is and what I personally found Weird and Disturbing is that with how my son’s fave looks…. it would appear to LOOK AS IF MAYBE HE WAS PUNCHED IN THE FACE / EYE!!!!

However, not ONE single teacher, principal, security guard, bus driver or even a student even asked let alone noticed!!!!

I told my son, God forbid if i lived a double life right? Jesus …..this is just off and what if I was beating you at home my son….its sad that no one even cares or noticed your face!!!

I am SURE They are assuming everything is alright because either of the following::

I show up at every PTA Meeting, we both dress well, you are a good student, you are nice kid, I volunteer at your school etc., I have a good reputation etc.etc.
That is horrible I expressed to him! My son is a child like a few others that o heard and read about via bruising very easily ever since he was about 4 I notoced it. However, observe better how about that??!!!!

Nonetheless, the one’s who look like or seem as of they are sooooooooo perfect or toooooooo perfect are sometimes the Jason Bates, Jeffrey Daumer’s and Ted Bundy’s on the down low!!

I feel like ummmm… can someone even NOTICE that he APPEARS to have a mark on his face and under his eye lid PLEASE???



I havent liked what I have seen in the mirror that I can recall …only happenend when I was in middle school and up to my 10th grade year in high school. However back then I understood ONLY the fleshly side of MYSELF…..

Now that I am mature in the natural as well as the spiritual I can honestly say that I still indeed enjoy what I see when I look into the mirror but I JUST RECOGNIZE that there are some blemishes that need to be fixed, touched up and addressed! There is a difference when we CHOOSE to look into the mirror for the right reasons….

I was already prepared to see some “additional smudges” because I already knew that presently some were already there. Acknowledging that you have issues is more than 1/2 the battle because when you start the process to walk forward to ACCURATELY CORRECT them…. it has an awesome tendency to make the process less painful….

it can STILL be ugly and even SUPER UGLY sometimes seeing the person that you use to be… who you are presently and praying to GOD AlMIGHTY that you can have the strength to change EVERYTHING that he shows you ( in private )….

Educate yourself and learn to realize when you are wrong.. and when you need to shift from certain places, people and things…

Take the mirror when God offers it to you!!… My goodness it is indeed for a reason and it is only to HELP YOU! However, if you refuse to not take the mirror than of course… harm is the only recourse for what you have set your ownself up for!

Live FREE is worth it.. you dont have to convince NOBODY how great you are….. but the one who is with you 24 hours a day….365 days a year… in the good times.. in the bad times.. when you are moody…and miserable.. when you are happy….and joyful…..

Have you figured it out yet?!!@@!!! Do this for YOURSELF…. and make God proud of the product that He invested in!

Helping Self...

security in Christ..

Trying to become someone else just makes you look SILLY! That is what the picture above clearly represents. When you are NOT being you, it will show in more ways than one, starting with the external appearance! Find out who you are in Christ and not who you THINK you are suppose to be… just like Dr. Phil in the photo above of course looks super ridiculous but that is how we often look as well when we are imitating charachteristics of other people. It is okay to admire and look up to people, but it was not God’s intention for us to ” IMMITATE” anyone but Him. When you immitate Christ you look presentable and stand out but when you immitate the likes of man you are bound to look like a fool!

Security of the believer:

All those placing their faith in Christ receive a salvation both unchangeable and eternal.  Believers are held securely by the promise and power of God on earth and throughout eternity.

John 6:35 – Jesus says, “I AM the bread of life.”  This is the first of seven great “I am” statements in John’s Gospel.  Bread might not be considered a necessity in western culture, but it is a staple item in the east.  Jesus is clearly saying that He is essential for eternal life!  He also shows in John 6:35 that the one who comes to Him will never hunger or thirst.  Jesus uses the strongest way possible to communicate “never” before hunger and thirst.  It is called emphatic negation.  Jesus uses emphatic negation in John 6:37 to show that the one who comes to Him (believes on) “will never” be cast out.  Jesus will not even lose one person who comes to Him (John 6:39, 40).  Believers are eternally secure in Jesus.

John 10:27-30 – Jesus is the one who gives eternal life (John 10:28).  He also gives the promise that the individual who receives eternal life will never perish.  Remember, His promises cannot be broken (John 10:35)!  Emphatic negation is used again by Jesus in John 10:28 (shall never) before the word perish.  Notice that the eternal security of the sheep is not dependent upon themselves but upon the power and authority of the Shepherd.  Also note that the word “snatch” is used in vv. 28 and 29.

Both the Son and the Father are holding the sheep and that is why they are eternally secure.  The word “snatch” is the same word used of the rapture in I Thess. 4:17.  There is no force in the universe that can “snatch” the believer away from the Father and Son.  Therefore there is nothing more secure in the universe than the soul of the individual who has placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rom. 8:1 – The opposite of condemnation is justification.  Therefore the one who has been justified (declared righteous) is eternally secure because he is now in Christ and not in Adam (see Rom. 5:16).

Rom. 8:28-30 – God is working all things together for the believers good.  This work of God started in eternity past and will be accomplished in eternity future without the loss of one.  The words “foreknew,” “predestined,” “called,” “justified,” and “glorified” are in the aorist tense.  The aorist tense shows these five things as completed in the past.  Ryrie writes concerning the word “glorified” that “The tense of this word shows that our future glorification is so certain that it can be said to be accomplished.”
Rom. 8:38, 39 – Paul asks and answers seven questions in Rom. 8:31-35 to show that the believer is eternally secure because of God’s power.  He then elaborates upon this further in Rom. 8:38, 39 by showing 10 things that cannot separate us from the love of God.

I Cor. 1:4-8 – The Corinthians were a carnal group of Christians (1:10; 3:1-4).  They would seem to be the best NT candidates to lose their salvation if it were possible!  Yet, these believers are sanctified (1:2) and therefore would stand blameless before Christ at His appearing.

Phil. 1:6  – “The perfect tense of the Greek word translated ‘being confident’ indicates that Paul had come to a settled conviction earlier and that he was still confident it was true … That God would most certainly continue on to completion the good work He had begun in them.  That good work was their salvation.”   It is indeed imperative to search….seek out…find….obtain…and maintain your own STABILITY in Christ Jesus.

Remember >>>>Cant nobody BEAT you at being you –  but you!!!!! However, not knowing who you are, will lead you down several wrong paths that will destroy your destiny. If you dont know who you are, then ANYONE can you tell you what you are not and you just may believe them!