Dear ( ME )

Encouragement Random-

Good Morning WORLD……. Today is a new day that none of us has ever seen…. so what are YOU going to do with it!! Positivity is KEY — Because today is surely not promised to any of us so I have started dancing until my feet hurts… laughing until my side aches…..

I have learned that mistakes are meant to be learned from and NOT repeating… so the remaining years that I may be graced with will be full of  less regrets as possible….

My struggles have proved for me to have remained strong and powerful…. practical and spiritual….I am indeed a gift and choose to make God proud!

Allowing God to work on me has been a painful yet joyful experience all at the same time…. LOL – Humility does not mean that I think less of MYSELF….. it just means that I have learned to think of myself less so that I can think of OTHERS!