Refrigerator Photo 4 My Son


Sometimes WE ALL can forget on the many wonderful things that we have…… So I am sure before my son even tries to open his mind up to tell his MOUTH to say that there is not anything to eat in the house…he has no choice but to have to look / glance at this photo……

I tell him that a great deal of countries do not even have clean running water while you are BEYOND BLESSED to have a mother that buys you 6 cases of Vitamin Water every month to share with her!

You have fruit to CHOOSE from….. snacks that you or I do not even need…..etc..etc..etc.. He gets it now, because a picture is indeed worth A THOUSAND WORDS!

Dear ( ME )

Feeling A Bit New!

It’s a new season
It’s a new day
A fresh anointing
Is coming my way

It’s a season of power
And prosperity
It’s a new season
Coming to me


Who would have thought that 8 verses could be so life changing?

I dont care how many times that I hear this song and it does not matter who even sings it …..A shift happens in the atmosphere for me as well as around me!