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Over the last 2 weeks, I have been obtaining strategy to deal with my family – mainly my almost 19 year old twin children. I have written MANY blogs about them and 2 out of 50 have been positive and the 50 of course has been me expressing how much pain that I have been experiencing.  Well, the last 2 weeks have mentally, emotionally and spiritually AMAZING! I have finally LET GO in order for The Lord to FLOW in their lives! I did not think that I would be able to do it but I did and I am very glad about it. God knows that I love my two oldest BUT the way that they have treated me since they have stayed with their father has TRULY BEEN UNBEARABLE!  I am no perfect mother but I have strived for perfection in Christ Jesus!

I just FINALLY have peace and joy with how I will deal with my kids going forward because you have no idea how horrid it has been for me over the years. When God would instruct me to do things and I DID NOT WANT TO, I did anyway. Doing things GOD’S WAY is always a must for TRUE and LASTING success! My children have only desired to use me for what I was able to give them or what doors that I would be able to open for them-  God showed me last week that is the same concept that we as Christians do towards Him! Nonetheless, this time of silence and separation that HE has ordained for me I have SOOOOOOO EMBRACED!

To my fellow parents, especially single parents – KNOW THAT the seeds of Christ that you have implanted into your children shall not die within them and your labor has not been in vain! You have to NOW operate as a minister and NOT as an earthly parent because going back and forth being a minister then handling your kids as a parent confuses the very task of what you are trying to accomplish. For goodness sake, ALWAYS STAND YOUR GROUND via your Christian principles and what you will and will not allow in your life, your house, your atmosphere etc.

It may take a minute for you to obtain the epiphany but know that it will come so you can move forward in the things of God on your children’s behalf. What God has me operating is BEYOND the Tough Love Approach – this is SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

The beauty of it ” NOW ” is that I know that I am at the end of the war!!! The enemy has been winning all of these battles between me and my teenagers but I serve a God that reminds me and has shown me how I AM GOING TO WIN! Matter of fact, I have already won and I am just in the waiting period of the situation! To God be the Glory for the many things that He has done, is doing and will do!

It feels utterly amazing


Silence# can kill..steal & destroy…..

Why do people act as if being / staying quiet is okay? Especially when they know that their silence is doing more harm than just simply an embarrassment….Silence has a powerful capability of being a huge silent killer to be frank.

It can kill the chances of someone getting FREE from bondage…. ( not sharing your testimony etc. ) It can steal someone’s ability for reconciliation….It can destroy someone’s ability to live what society calls a normal life predicated on the depth of hurt that the SILENCE caused… ( rape, molestation etc.. )

It took a national sex pedophile scheme in the state of Pennsylvania to have people realize that there are moments that Silence indeeds kills and / or hurts the innocent!

Having the mind set of not wanting to get involved does not display the mere act of compassion…..My parenrs always raised me to think of the person in need as if it was my own mother, father, grandparents, sister, brother etc..

be brave,take the FIRST step and please indeed speak up….you never will know how many lives…souls you may be saving……

Just know your voice is worth it and needed…..it sincerely only takes 1 to start the change and get things moving forward for a revolution…… Dont believe me? Remember Rosa Parks? okay….. one day YOU TOO, will be tired and will choose that day and moment to start your own revolution…..

You have to….. because your worth it…. your generation…. your family…. the people that came BEFORE you… the people that will come AFTER you will have their part in HISTORY..  but will you?