Dave and Busters


I swear this restaurant is such a family atmosphere BUT I’m not too keen on the overall experience there…….

Besides “the game playing area”…..    it feels like an overly fast paced restaurant that wants to get as many people IN ….just as much as they want to get the people OUT.

Every time I’m at this place I feel like I’m a part of a herd of CATTLE…. Eat…talk then hirry and get to the play area because we need this table!!!
imageAt LEAST that “the company” was amazing so it made it all worth it!!! …Uggghhh…. not MY favorite restaurant  ….

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Friendship With Fellowship


I really enjoy having a bunch of different friendships in MY LIFE. …. Honey, JUST like Christ, #diversity Rocks!!!!!


Me and my girlpals have a “standing appointment” every single week that we meet up and hang out…

After the last few months, weeks, days and hours that I have been having.. ….. Especially worrying about my Mommy!!! Whew, Seeing REAL friends / girlpals is just what I need!!!! LOL ..we eat..laugh..FREELY talk about…relationshops……being angry….being happy etc…etc…etc… ans more etc…etc..

Having friends BUT no fellowship is NOT a relationship! !!!!! In life, we have to be open to ALL types of friends because YOU will never know who God is trying to connect us to and what God is trying to do for us…..

Be open!!! I can tell you honestly that it’s been a blessing AND its worth it!

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Good Girlfriends –


Have you ever asked yourself if you a good person, and do you push the act of empowering strength to other women? What do you bring to the table in a good girlfriend relationship? A great deal of women think that they are not able to find and maintain good girlfriends… but guess what,, YOU CAN!

We all have our specific qualities and in a friendship, we must to have something that benefits the other person if we are to be of value. What is it that you provide? Dependability? An ear to listen? Good advice? Positive feedback?

We have all had a friend or two that may have a few negative qualities but you try to love them through thier process. Do not ever jump into the gossip rut or complaining trap or do you empower and boost women and cheer them on?

If you find you’re not a positive influence on your friends, you can easily develop some skills to be more so. Keep in mind, if you have negative friends and you become more positive, they may take a while to catch on to the new, more positive you or may choose to leave the friendship. However, when you even meet new friends is a blessing when the spirit of UNITY is there

Women who gain attention by always complaining are unlikely to warm up to a positive-minded person. After all, being positive means taking responsibility for your choices, situation and life and this is completely opposite of what negative people do.

Five great qualities to bring to the friendship table:

Dependability – Dependability is underrated. If you are a dependable friend with personal boundaries, you are priceless. Without personal boundaries, many dependable friends get taken advantage of.
Respect – Respect is earned, not aged into. If you respect your friends and what they stand for and it is mutual, your bonds will be stronger and more long lasting than others.
Positive Feedback – A realistic positive outlook and encouragement are two of the most powerful things you can give a friend in crisis.
Alternate Perspective – Looking at a situation from a different perspective is crucial to making good decisions. Helping a friend to do this is admirable.
Honesty – Honesty is not synonymous with agreement. Tough love is sometimes necessary in friendships and is appreciated by true friends.


My Sister – Friend……


I have to say I have one of the best sisters in the world. We are best buddies, we have built a friendship that has been intended to last forever. Have we always got along? Absolutely not!!!! We fought, slapped, griped, connived, deceived and a bunch of other unmentionables. Why are we best friends? Distance, Pain and Love – that’s why! I was a spoiled BRAT as a child – shame on ME.

But there is no reason why sisters should not be close…..I mean well, why not? Although, GOD KNOWS that we are very different from one another, but yet share the same blood, that is one good reason to love each other. Even though I feel that I was a “mean girl” to her when I was 12 years old and wanted to cause her pain….. love soon resolved the matter and we tearfully made it right and moved on. A moment of forgiveness is more powerful than years of resentment, refrain, abandonment, discord, degrading and avoiding.


There is a certain amount of love and commitment when you are of kindred blood, but if that isn’t enough then we have to selflessly invest into the relationship and be a die-hard mediator that pursues unity. Oh, I almost forgot to say that I love her and feels that she indeed is pretty awesome! LOL



Most friendships only last for a particular phase of our lives. When that  developmental period is over, the friendship may dissolve. For a friendship to  last a lifetime there must be something really special between you.

There must  be a connection that transcends time and space. This kind of a friendship also  takes a certain flexibility. People change throughout their lifetimes and they  must continue to search for commonalities between the themselves if they expect  their friendship to endure.


Establishing Friendships

Establish Some Good Christian Friendships

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (II Cor. 5:17)

The last thing you need as a Christian is a bunch of worldly friends to hinder your spiritual growth. Amos 3:3 says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

There’s no point in having close friends who aren’t spiritual. Acquaintances and distant friends are fine, but your closest friends should be God-fearing Christians. Keep praying for your old friends and witnessing to them, but make some new friends who are GOD’S friends.

A Christian’s friends should be saved people who love God and understand His purpose and plan in life. They’ll be a great encouragement and comfort to you in life.



Quality Friendships

These are the qualities that each one of us needs if our friendships are going to last. Charity, Humility, Reverence, Inspiration, Sacrifice and Toleration — these enable the real friends to be sifted from the false. If you take the first letter of each one of these qualities and arrange them in order they will form one word:

 C from Charity  H from humility  R from reverence  I from intelligence  S from sacrifice   T from toleration

spell and form the word Christ. In bringing these qualities into your own life you put on Christ. And when you become so Christ-like, then you have the warmth and affection that will cause you to lay down your life for a friend and it will inspire your friends to be willing to lay down their lives for you.

For a friendship to survive each must try to learn and understand the workings of the minds of others. Friendships are not proven by the sounding of words, of the moving of lips. It is achieved through the workings of one’s mind trying to procure the best thoughts, the best motives, the best ideals, for the one whom he wishes to call his friends. This intelligent appreciation of each others mind, produces a greatness that is above jealousies and pettiness. It accounts for the peace and happiness that true friends experience when in each others company.

Sacrifice is always a must in any quality relationship. This simply means giving yourself to others till it hurts and forgiving those who have trespassed against you. A complete emptying of your own personality so that it adds luster to the one who receives it. Sacrifice is the true test of friendship. Only when it is in use can the friendship hope to survive. Christ said, “Greater love than this no one has than he who lays down his life for a friend.”

Tolerating their faults, suffering with their failures. Toleration brings with it a unity of spirit, develops a marriage between hearts and strengthens each one in the desire to be virtuous. Without toleration no friendship can be cultivated. No friendship can ever hope to survive. Because of what you must give to a friend and what he must give to you, it is impossible to have many friends in your life.