Helping Self...

A Few Positive Nuggets


Life is a road that some try to get off of too quickly instead of staying the course and learn what needs to learned for their own Personal Process (s). Life is a beautiful thing and is something that plenty of people in the graveyard wish they could have back / again!!!

Change your thoughts, change your conversation and change your life…There may still be struggles but even those will be viewed as an opportunity for God to perform a miracle on your behalf..

Don’t go through life….but grow through life. Sometime in your journey you will outgrow some people. Don’t try to fix or repair them….just keep on growing and keep on going.

We should maintain a variety of friends or family members that have different outlooks on life than we do. We cannot and certainly should not be so narrow minded to think that we are always correct.

You will be shocked to know that regardless how smart we think that we are, there will be plenty of times in where we wol be wrong in several situations!!!

Finally, surround yourself with people who tell you that you are not alone and they are willing to walk with you as you transition to where God is taking you…There is strength in numbers…You are not alone…