Snacks –

Did he REALLY want me to pull over for a box of these????? They have 10 grams of protein though! BUT SO WHAT!!!! Ugghhh….  Talking about, Mom….I need some more energy! Boy what you know about energy!!!  Yes, they are good too!

LOL and I wonder with all of this new FOUND energy that he is THINKING that he needs – will this dip over into him keeping his clothes off of the floor in his room? Im just saying – that is a valid point that I am about to ask his butt now!!



My Baby’s Tastebuds….

I have to admit that some days his after school snacks are a break between healthy and unhealthy…… I hate to say unhealthy because he does have a variety of all of the food groups….. We are ALWAYS RIPPING AND RUNNING with his activities and cooking at home is ummmm….. like a 2 day a weekk thing! This boy has something to do EVERYDAY of the week literally…..

I do know that we are cutting out the bread…. well at least he can have bread twice a week but that is it…. He eats tons of fruit…. tons of Gatorade… tons of SPECIAL K Products and even a great deal of protein bars….. However, Wish I had the money to just build a chain of gyms for kids….I know that I would make a killing because at least 85 percent of kids in AMERICA is overweight – INCLUDING MINE!

Crazy thing is that he is in shape like he weighed like a skinny kid….

From martial arts…. he is alright… From soccer..he is alright… From baseball…he is alright… From basketball…he is alright..

I should have went ahead and signed him up for swimming – I know that would have SERIOUSLY helped us both shed some pounds….

Just even THINKING about putting this boy in another activity gives me a panic attack! LOL – It is just plumb exhausting and in a minute… His part time nanny will become his mother because I am tired!

It isnt too late but who wants to pay $300.00 for yet ANOTHER ACTIVITY! I already have to buy another instrument for this kid….. I tell him that he costs too much and needs to get a job… His reply is mom I did ask you to work but you said that I am too youn! UGGHH….. ” HUSH IT BOY ”

Dear ( ME )

Favorite Bites

Who needs cooking shows ….Weight Watchers… Atkins …. LA Weightloss….Nutri System or Jenny Craig when I have my own favorite meals to keep me together!

I do not know what has triggered my body to ONLY eat certain things….. I mean for months – I hardly eat anything else different that these things unless I go out to dinner but even with going out…. I only revert to salad…soup….EVIL pasta ( LOL ) and that is all……

I saw these when I was out shopping with my momma and I have been hooked ever since – they could take out the peaches though….

I actually eat this for breakfast …lunch…snack …dinner and snack again… not always with 2% milk thought cause milk isnt really “my friend”

These are just amazing…..drink vitamin water with it or just plain old water….it will feel like a refreshing snack that tastes like calories but isnt!!

I need tons of fiber folks.. so why not over indulge on this chocolate cream of wheat cereal…. Dont jude the box until you have eaten what’s inside of it! LOL

These are great because I cout NOT EVER imagine eating egg yolk again ever in life!!! ugghhhh – bird embryos are surely not for ME!! LOL

Who knew that they made soy doughnuts taste so good and have soooooooooooooo many healthy ingredients in them!!! Check the side of the box!

This drink has been blessing my evenings for the last few months…..and it also saves me a lot of stops at the coffee houses and spending money!

Umm Vitamin Water – I go through like 5 a day….. maybe because I drink liquids more than I eat perhaps! SOOOO unhealthy I know!!!

Another “snack” but they are sugar free! It is better than eating soft batch cookies! ( my old favorite 2 yrs ago ) You cant eat just one!!


 I stumbled upon this on accident and I have not been the same since!!! PLEASE TRY IT!! It does not even taste like ice cream! At least I have portion control down pact!