Charisma vs. Personality –


Charisma is the ability to charm people and become easily trusted and liked.
Charisma is positive attitude and energy, Drawing much attention in positive light.Charisma can be part of your personality, but you can have a great personality and not have a lot of charisma, charisma just means your more energetic about being positive and really out there. Charisma is a part of personality and implies the ability to “charm” people with his own ideas.

There have been many charismatic characters (for good or evil) such as Jesus, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Fidel Castro, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. People take as truth the word of charismatic people.
Just because someone has a good personality doesn’t mean they have charisma, a good personality just means they are very dynamic, and have their own style to themselves.A lot of people with enjoyable personalities take a while for you to trust them or like them because a lot of people with personality are also blunt or have strange ideas and quirks.

Okay – I am done with this RANDOM topic of mine… LOL
Dear ( ME )

30 Seconds of Gratification-


I am grateful that I am always able to pray even without moving my lips! It is indeed because you live within me……It is important for us to be able to speak with God with nonverbal communication as well – finding / discovering new ways to communicate with Christ  because it is priceless!

Some things, you will not understand until you try it and then some things you will not understand until it is no longer an available option for you to have!


Phrases To Un-Equally Yoked People

We don’t share realities because we don’t share destinies. We don’t have anything in common because I’m not common.

You don’t know where I’m going because you don’t know where I’ve been. You can’t agree with me because we have different plans.

We can’t see eye to eye because obviously yours are closed and now so is my heart…..

Some things were never meant to be. Some things will only last for a while. Then there’s those things that come to stay for a lifetime….

I loved this!!!  It was stated by  Bishop Alvernis Johnson…… (He was talking to single men and women and what their mind sets are supposed to be  while single)

This was some great common sense ……common approach advice to singles….but then again like my mother and father has ALWAYS tried to tell me as young as 10 years old >>> EVERYONE does not have common sense and the sharpness that you may have so be careful not to judge.



Random With Friends…..

Do as little harm to others as you can; make any sacrifice for your true friends; be responsible for yourself and ask nothing of others; and grab all the fun you can. Don’t give much thought to yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow, live in the moment, and trust that your existence has meaning even when the world seems to be all blind chance and chaos.

We really do not know who we shall ever need in this life so that is why people need to throw out the mind set of the hang ups that they may have with certain cultures……in the end – we all either have O Positive  AB /  B Negative /  A / O blood that could be all be used in a blood transfusion!

There are enough struggles that people endure on a regular basis so realize that life is a gift and the friends that you meet are a blessing. When life lands a hammer blow in your face, do your best to respond to the hammer as if it had been a cream pie. Sometimes REALLY weird humor is the only kind we can summon, but even dark laughter can sustain.

Be open to LIFE! ( in a good way of course )

Helping Self...

Speeches that always are 2 long!

Why me….
I should have…..
I can’t……
I cant believe this….
I remember when……
This is the last time….
I forgot….
God is still working on me….
I tried…….
I wish things were different….
It just happened….
I didnt have a choice….
I will next time…
It was done to me….

I was being nice calling them SPEECHES but they are all just merely reasons why people opt out of doing the RIGHT thing….

If you really want to do something, YOU / WE / I will always fight to find a way………..

but if you really dont want to do something you will….we will….i will always just simply find / make an excuse not to!!!


Our lives…..relationships would become soo soo much better…stronger..pure…compassionate….fun…worth it etc.. If we would (choose) to do the right things….

Most times choosing to do the right things in life may mean to deny ourselves from things for the betterment of others!

Oh, by the way….when we do things like that…its just simply called L O V E!!…

Try it sometimes..