Helping Self...

Up Early –

Whew….. I go to the gym ONLY 3 days a week and I am DESPERATELY trying to do better so I can become better…..feel better and MOST IMPORTANTLY – look better! LOL Nonetheless, this getting up super early is not blessing me right now because I am about to go for a run –

pray my strength in The Lord….. Im so serious – UGGHHH

I am praying that I dont need a stretcher….  because running outside IS VERY DIFFERENT than running on a treadmill in a gym or your home!



Welp…. my baby is going to yet another camp for the summer and he is excited AND SO AM I!!! This is the first year that he has been to so many camps but it has been good for both of us…. Alone time for myself and he started feeling more independent….. The only thing he stated was …Mom just dont leave me at a camp for more than 2 weeks! LOL Which I would never do…. because I already know that we BOTH would miss one another way too much!

Sending my son to camp during the summer provides him with chances to expand  his skills, make friends and experience unusual opportunities.

I swear to goodness that I SO LOVE AND ENJOY being a parent to this little boy! He has his days of course but so do I!! LOL This has been a challenging 2012 for us both and we have managed to get through it.. thank you Lord…


Anyway……school starts in 3 weeks and we both will be having an extended vacation….. Fall baseball starting… Swim Team, Band and of course Soccer!


Hanging in The Heat!

I still managed to have fun in 99 degree heat today! LOL I kept telling the Lord that He can turn down the heat because I DO NOT NEED A SUN TAN on my skin – GEESH! I woke up feeling so wonderful that I scared myself! LOL …Sounds a tad bit weird I know but when so many NEGATIVE things have transpired over a time frame – genuine and non motive happiness from people at times can shock you!

When there is massive shopping, eating, laughing, fellowship, coupons, cook outs, swimming involved – so is FUN!

YES!! I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much green currency today BUT oh my goodness, it was kind of worth it! LOL My pocket book may have been hollering like crazy but my heart was smiling brighter THAN THE SUN!!! So yeah, it was worth it all! Right when I feel like that there are no HONEST people left in the world… ( IM JOKING ) But for real……. it just feels so amazing to have great friens…


Love You BYE!!!

He went to camp for a week!! Oh how I love Jesus!! LOL Okay – I do not mean to sound so OVERLY excited that my kid is going away for a week BUT whew… I needed the break!

Back in April… I did a blog stating that I was sending my son to at least 5 different camps over the summer which 3 lasted a week each and then 1 camp was just for the weekend…..

Weekend or even just 1 day….. how my year has gone – I will take it!! Nonetheless, he is on his second trip for the summer and he goes AGAIN at the end of the month…

Whew again… Oh how I love Jesus!  LOL  I recall before that I would send him to camps because he is basically the only child and it is just me and him….. so of course to keep him from EVER being a momma’s boy…..being too dependent on me or anyone else…. staying a tough …rough and rugged boy…. maintaining his Christian values – I must allow him to be apart of several things so that he can not only have balance but also have FUN! He is certainly turning out to be an AMAMZING KID – thanks to God for showing me how!

School starts in 30 days and I am making the most of MY SUMMER for a change! #teammommy!  LOL

Dear ( ME )

Added to Bucket List!

I want to add swimming with the Dolphins to my revised Bucket List…. Now granted that would indeed mean that I would be required to learn how to swim as well!! LOL – No, I do not know how to swim but that is another thing that I added for me to do in the month of April! However, at the end of May…. I will be ready to go swimming with the Dolphins! ( pray my strength in the Lord )…..

As much as I have added this to my Bucket List – whew…..remember that I am scared of ANIMALS unless it is in a case! ( like the fish tank in my house ) << SAFE ZONE! Nevertheless, I am still yet excited and so will my son! His birthday is May 31 so I am trying to find a place where there will NOT be a wave of college vacationers on Spring Break during Memorial Day Weekend!

Here are a few places that you can look into if you have a love for Dolphins as well!

I find some way to deal with my fear of LIVE animals up close and personal… why not do it with a bang!!