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Networking With Positivity –


You’ll attract what you depict about yourself. So if you want to be with / or around a certain type of person then you have to display it in all facades, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I remind my son daily that although it is important to have a variety of friends. Having manners, saying please and thank you, knowing how to interact with common sense is very basic but indeed VERY vital.

However, if he plays the drums, the tenor saxophone, plays baseball, plays soccer, plays basketball and reads books on a weekly basis – It would NOT be such a great idea if he started hanging around friends who did NOTHING that he participated in. It is like being unequally matched up even as friends.

No your friends should not do everything the same, but it would make sense to spend your time with individuals who are like minded.

I am not speaking of ONLY personal male female relationships…. I am talking in reference to ANY type of places in life that you desire to catapult to.

Winners notice winners and mock what they did or are doing so that they too, can not only become a winner as well but maintain being a winner.

The image you portray yields the person you’ll draw to you so don’t get mad at what’s coming to you…check the mirror and see what you’re displaying!


My Baby’s Tastebuds….

I have to admit that some days his after school snacks are a break between healthy and unhealthy…… I hate to say unhealthy because he does have a variety of all of the food groups….. We are ALWAYS RIPPING AND RUNNING with his activities and cooking at home is ummmm….. like a 2 day a weekk thing! This boy has something to do EVERYDAY of the week literally…..

I do know that we are cutting out the bread…. well at least he can have bread twice a week but that is it…. He eats tons of fruit…. tons of Gatorade… tons of SPECIAL K Products and even a great deal of protein bars….. However, Wish I had the money to just build a chain of gyms for kids….I know that I would make a killing because at least 85 percent of kids in AMERICA is overweight – INCLUDING MINE!

Crazy thing is that he is in shape like he weighed like a skinny kid….

From martial arts…. he is alright… From soccer..he is alright… From baseball…he is alright… From basketball…he is alright..

I should have went ahead and signed him up for swimming – I know that would have SERIOUSLY helped us both shed some pounds….

Just even THINKING about putting this boy in another activity gives me a panic attack! LOL – It is just plumb exhausting and in a minute… His part time nanny will become his mother because I am tired!

It isnt too late but who wants to pay $300.00 for yet ANOTHER ACTIVITY! I already have to buy another instrument for this kid….. I tell him that he costs too much and needs to get a job… His reply is mom I did ask you to work but you said that I am too youn! UGGHH….. ” HUSH IT BOY ”


Yes! More Baseball Today

I had to remind my son today that he better earn his keep!! All the major running around that I have done since he was 4 years old should never be taken for granted…ever!!


I have noticed that the older he gets the more games…practices….scrimmages..fundraisers…meetings etc. that I have to attend!


The last baseball organization was a tad draining but it was sorta…kinda worth it most times….

I am actually sitting here loving this new enviornment…the parents…..the kids…the park…the coaches etc…etc..


This year we needed to and wanted to try something different and yes we are both happy with our choice but honey….are WE BOTH beat already!!


The sason has NOT even startes yet and we have had at least 7 practices…1 scrimmage game and 6 baseball clinics!!!

All I am saying is that as a Single Parent……My son BETTER continue to really show appreciation for real..

My son does music…baseball…soccer….chess and music which all takes up a great deal of time for him ONLY and none for me!!!!

At this rate I am sooooo elated he chose to take a sebattical from his 4 day a week Tae Kwon Do martial arts class!!!

I think I am just venting……but okay. I deserve to at least do that!! Shoot because with my baby turning 10 years old in May..everything he has been in was done by God and me alone!

Yeah folks im venting cause im so tired at this juncture!!

Single moms ROCK!!!!


Summer Camps Accomplished!


Glad my day was blessed…… I completed a great deal of tasks today starting with 4 DIFFERENT Camps to send my son to starting in May and ending in August!

This will be our first time away from one another via multiple times BUT all of the camps are  Christian based, educational and promotes alot of morals, ethics and values that I teach in my home……

Also the biggie : MALE MENTORSHIP!!! My little man has not single ONE (consistent) MALE in his life….. Yes, no father, brother or uncle…..

Two weekends in May
One week in June
Two weeks in July
One week in August

So see ya Jared! Lol

It will grant me with a little bit of MOMMY time…… I wil be able to write hime letters, send cards, pictures and he can make phone calls….. Whew…I feel bad for feeling soooooo excited!

Hey, im excited and NOT ashamed! Year round I tote him to baseball, soccer, music, martial arts, swimming,basketball AND church 4 out of 7 days a week!…….

The martial arts he took since his was 4 years old and now he is almost 10 and he just asked to take a break from his Tae Kwon Do! Ummmm…….surely im happy and to be honest after 5 years of being there 3 days a week, we BOTH need the break!

and yes I said year round for all of these activities but basketball..that is only from January to April!

Single Parenting is a Huge job and this is the first time im rewarding myself in the form of TIME ALONE!


Jared Tae kwon do Testing

Jared has been doing Tae kwon do since he was 4 years old. This video was done in October of 2011 and I could tell that he was getting just a tad bit tired of it.

Im sure that attending classes 3 times a week for an hour surely had something to with the fact that he was going to need a break soon.

Also, I am also sure that with hus NEW interest of Music, Baseball and Soccer played another initial role as well.

To say the least, i am indeed proud ofmy little Jared……plus he is only 6 months away from taking his test for his Junior Black Belt!!!!!

However exciting as that may be, I will NOT pressure him to not take a break if he needs one. Tae kwon do, Baseball, Soccer, Boy Scouts, Church Activities and Music takes up ALL of his time but Tae kwon do has seem to dominate the most of his schedule and he does not want that to be so anymore!

We will surely figure something out together, because a Jared and I make an awesome team!!!

Team Momma Bear  and  Team Jared Pooh…….LOL

Family, Inspiration

Jared passed!

Jared was scheduled for testing to obtain his 3rd black stripe toward his Junior Black Belt testing this Saturday but he is scheduled to go away to camp. However, he had class tonight and I wanted him to attend even if he had to reschedule, but when we arrived, the instructors stated they were implementing something new via him testing “on the spot”.

I instantly thought of scripture of course via “be ye ready”…. I am telling…. I find God in everything! LOL It works some people’s nerves but they will live! Ha!

Nonetheless, it took my son by storm and he looked my way and I acted as if I didnt see him because for the first time, he was actually nervous! He is 9 years old and has been taking Taekwondo since he was 4 and has NEVER been nervous taking any test, sparring or learning new moves while the Grand Master Instructors were there. However, this era is a new day! God is always doing a new thing and shifting in the wind, so if you want what He has then you have to just flow with HIS wind and dont worry about anything else.

Nonetheless, he passed all 3 of his patterns and he passed his sparring patterns as well. Whew thank you Lord because he did mess up about 3 times and then wiped his forehead like 10 times.

He was making me nervous and then 1 of the Grand Master Instructors gave him a pep talk and reminded Jared that he indeed knew the pattern. Jared just calm down, take your time and focus on only what you are suppose to be doing.

Now although what he was telling Jared to do made perfect sense seriously but the class was soo huge and there were 4 other corners of the center with other students screaming and punching, doing kicks, drills etc. Nonetheless, they advised him that even in real life situations when the atmsophere is crazy and hectic that is it he, that will have to learn how to pull his ownself in.

He cant depend on friends, teachers, instructors, family and especially his mom because as he gets older, there will be more situations that he will indeed be by himself. ( school )

Glad that he passed and I am also proud of how his instructors as well as these situations that God allows to happen cross over into things that he can connect with with great understanding. His class is mixed with adults and kids his age because the martial arts center do not focus on age unless they are under 5.

However, whatever you are able to grasp, understand and perform will promote you to your belt level no matter the age. With this process, their is always at least 3 to Taekwondo Instructors on hand and 5 Junior Black Belts to assist with the individuals with lower belt grades. Gosh, I wish that I would have taken this up when my son did 5 years ago because I am sure that I would really love it.

So maybe besides going to the gym, this could be an alternative for me. Who knows if it better or not and do I really want to find out is the main question. The things that my son is already participating in as well as the things that I need to do for myself, I just dont see how it could even fit into OUR SCHEDULE.

However, my son would so love for us to do something together “in this setting” and there is nothing like family right! Lol…we shall see sooner than later, I give myself until Feb 2012 and if I do not make any moves by then… LOL

Okay, we just got home and I have already washed a load of clothes and waiting for them to dry and it is 9:27 eastern standard time and I still have to complete my son’s bag via him leaving for Christian Camp tomorrow. #Goodnite and #Godbless


Tae Kwon Do Testing

My son was a teacher’s assistant during the Tae Kwon Do testing in October and I was so proud of him! He is the little guy in the middle of the floor directing the little kids!

( insert happy mom face here >>>>     to see him instructing a little class via his peers was just exciting “for me”…..LOL

However, I am starting to think that he may want to take a break from his martial arts sometime soon! He is 9 1/2 and has been doing this since he was 4 years old, so I am trying to be FAIR and allow him to choose at least some of the things / activities that he wants to do. I am ALWAYS trying to find new things for my son to get involved with to keep him busy and maintain a positive atmosphere as much as I can…… “while I still can” ya know!

Most parents always say that they dont want to see their kids grow up, well my son has actually been going at a pace that I can live with! LOL It seems like he has been 9 years old for like 2 years now! I think that I want the age bracket of 12 to 16 to LINGER as long as it possibly can! That age bracket is still “Momma’s Little baby boy” mode and I can enjoy it because I am not sure if I am looking forward to the teenage era. I can just HOPE AND PRAY that he will REMAIN  an overall good and descent Christian boy.