Lord….Anoint My Hands!

Had to go to my friend’s church so he could let me LAY on his B3 Hammond Organ and ANOINT ME AND MY FINGERS in his church pulpit! LOL The pastor of course is trying to teach me but I seem to be able to play by ear which is what I DO NOT WANT TO DO. Good musicians play ” by ear ” but GREAT musicians can READ music and WRITE notes! My son has a ” GOOD EAR ” for musical notes and will play a beat after he hears it and trust me!!! We have gone through so many instruments that it is driving me BONKERS…

He did the drums for almost 2 years and then he got tired of it and wanted something DIFFERENT – So he jumped onto the guitar and that did not last too long then he wanted the clarinet and that did not last too long…. then he asked about the TUBA!! Like boy are you serious…. ME OR YOU will not be DRAGGING that huge thing around…..

Geeesh… then he “stumbled upon” the percussion instruments and had an intrest with them and I IMMEDIATELY told him to try out the trumpet. I thought about my brother Dee who used to play and he was good… I recall being at church and listening AND watching his friends Peter….Keith and Spencer just play for HOURS…… and them boys never seemed to look or even get tired!

Well anyway…my son OF COURSE in this area did not listen to his mom and he went for the Tenor Sax which I said ok…. I played some youtube videos of Kenny G and other artists and he said that the Tenor Sax would be his instrument for the next2 years….

Well can ANYONE tell me why he is currently banging on the drums as I am blogging this? I thought we were done with the drums?… Ugghhh – back to his “PICK OF INSTRUMENTS” FOR THE MONTH – LOL

He now wants to do the sax and the trumpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew, I fussed at this boy so much……so loud and so long that he ALMOST said okay mom, never mind about the trumpet. Now I am ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL for my son being creative and desiring to participate in almost anything but he has to pick and stick!!!!  I told him that he could pick two instruments and he said that he wanted to do the saxophone, the trumpet AND drums?

I guess he cant count today-


Eat – Chew and Swallow This!


As Christian Parents – Let’s….

Teach our children “to know” God.

Teach our children “to perceive” God.

Teach our children “to see” God

Teach our children “to find out” God.

Teach our children “to discern” God.

Teach our children “to distinguish” God.

Teach our children “to know [God] by experience.”

Teach our children “to recognize” God.

Teach our children “to admit” God.

Teach our children “to confess” God.

Teach our children “to consider” God.

Teach our children “to be acquainted in or with” God.

 Teach our children “to have know-how in or be skillful in” God.

Teach our children “to have knowledge of or be wise about” God.

Teach our children “to be instructed in” God.

Teach our children “to be known in” God.

Teach our children “to make known or declare” God.

Teach our children “to make oneself known or to reveal oneself in” God.