Child Speaks on School Closings –


From 4th Grade to High School!

Umm… as a parent to an almost 10 year old little boy – usually parents WANT their kids to stay young or at least desire to watch their kids “grow gracefully” right? Welp, that used to be ME! My son had his little mini field trip today to his new school since he is entering into 5th grade for the upcoming school year and he just seem so much OLDER and a tad bit wiser for his age. Nonetheless, “at this very moment” I wish that he was getting ready to enter into high school. YIKES… I never thought that I would say that phrase “before it was time” seriously…

Do not get me wrong…. my son is NOT a bad kid – although “lately” I have indeed wanted to choke him and hold him down too many times due to his irritating behavior and moods. Yes he is a boy and going through things and I am almost even scared to think that he is dealing with early puberty stuff….. UGGGHHH that would so not be fun! LOL But hey, even though that talking session about how his body is changing should be a Father and Son conversation – we are so close that I am sure that it would not even freak / scare my kid out.

Point of this current R – A- N – T is to say that as a single mom I want him to get to the 9th grade so that I can stop being Super Mom and running and flying between soccer – baseball – band practice – no more taekwondo classes – taking a break via basketball and just sit down for a minute.

You see the photo ABOVE! That is how busy and CRAZY me and my son’s life be ” MOST DAYS”…… LOL He is on his way to music practice carrying his tenor saxophone in his baseball uniform because he is coming from baseball game!

I figure if he is older then I do not have to be Wonder Mom! A great deal of thins that he is participating in can be done maybe STRICTLY at school and if not – I can just have my baby in 1 outside activity!

Overall, I dont mind but seriously all of the activities that I mentioned are the things that my son does OUTSIDE of church

My son then is very active within his own church! LOL – The children’s ministry at this church is SUPER  SUPER  “duper” A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  My son participates in 3 weekly activities strictly for boys. Yes it may seem like a great deal but him being a boy and being taught by Godly Mentors are indeed PRICELESSS!

So that is also why I run myself ragged…………but oh Jesus I am so tired because at this point I just may hire a part time Babysitter / Nanny / Driver to assist me! I am so indeed serious! So I give a big HUGE shout out and big applause to all of the Single PRODUCTIVE Parents as well as the Mothers who are married but still feel like they “are single” when it comes to taking care of the kids!

Did I mention that there is a baseball game tomorrow, a soccer game and basketball on Saturday and a 3 hour baseball tournament on Sunday evening?



My mommy is almost 72 years of age and my sister and I indeed try to make sure that we do everything that we are capable of to keep her STUBBORN self healthy! I had the assumption that going to the chiropractor was for people who were in bad car accidents and could not walk etc. Welp lo and behold, I looked into it and started going to get my own self checked out.

I obtained so great knowledge about the chiropractor and it is like going to the doctor and just getting a check up! The doctor that I go to is a very busy and caring office that performs adjustments, puts you on like 5 different back and neck formation machines, performs manual neck rotations and the BEST part!!! >>>> GIVES weekly massages!

Well after all of that, I was sold! I thought of my mommy and told her about it and of course she was against it but I made her an appointment and just went to get her and told her where we were going ” on the way there “….  She got in and got out with a bang!

 Umm…. ever since my mom went, she BUGS ME asking me when is her next appointment! She now wants to go 3 days a week but I can only commit to 2 days because her and my 9 year old son ALREADY run me stone cold ragged on a weekly basis!

She LOVES getting her neck and back adjusted but I surely make sure that they dont crack my mom’s neck due to her age.

I kinda get worried a bit and I also have to make sure that they do not place any of the machinery near her heart… I figure that I can never be too careful when it comes to her.. She my momma but she also indeed is my baby! So now I have to be here at least twice a week and sit and watch her get cracked and adjusted and massaged! Im ready to go mom!