Wednesday Work

I say Wednesday Work because for more than half the world in the work force – everyone gets happy when Wednesday come because of what it represents…

They feel that it is the middle of the work week and they have only 2 more days until the weekend… I get that viewpoint because I used to be like that as welll ….however – you make your own demands on on your week is going to go! Do not purposefully bog your mind down and limit your happiness the way that you have been obviously mentally programmed to do.



First, you must understand the connection between your feelings, your thought life, and your behavior! We all work ENOUGH around the clock..mentally – spiritually – emotionally – physically  to focus on it being the middle of the week / over the hump day / cant wait until it’s the weekend mentality. Think about it – that is stressful even doing that because MENTALLY you are constantly waitiing for it to be Wednesday so that the weekend can be near! Grasp and control / manage your thoughts so that it does not matter “what day of the week” that it is – you know that you are ok.


Your feelings are directly associated with your thoughts.  If you want to control your feelings you must first control your thought life. In Mark 14:72, when Peter thought about his denial of Jesus it declares that, he wept. Notice that his feelings and emotions were directly controlled by what he thought. In Lamentations 3:19-20, when Jeremiah remembered all of his afflictions he said, “My soul…sinks within me.” When Jeremiah speaks of his soul sinking he is undoubtedly referring to his emotional state. However, when he thought on God‘s mercies he experienced hope within his mind (Lam 3:21-23).


David explains this same connection between his thoughts and feelings in Psalms 73:16. When he incorrectly thought that the wicked would escape the judgment of God, it was too painful for him. He became upset and angry. However, when he went into the Sanctuary of God and turned his thoughts toward heaven (vs 17-28), the Lord gave him a new perspective and he found strength (vs 26).


Your feelings are directly associated with your behavior. If you want to control your feelings you must also change your behavior. When your behavior is sinful your conscience will accuse you. These accusations enter your mind through your thoughts and then affect your feelings and emotions. In Romans 2:15, Paul teaches that your conscience uses your thoughts to either accuse you or excuse you. Sinful behavior without repentance will naturally cause accusing thoughts, which result in depressed feelings.


Godly behavior demonstrated by obedience to God’s Word will result in just the opposite feelings. Godliness results in thoughts that excuse you, which make you feel good about your actions. In Philippians 4:8-9, Paul instructs, “The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.”



Note that Paul believed that if we would follow his example and do what he did, we would experience the peace of God. Similarly, Jesus gave the same exhortation for how to be happy. After teaching the disciples to be servants He said, “If you know these things, happy are you if you do them” (John 13:17).

Jesus taught that happiness would naturally result from doing what you know is right.

 Therefore, you shouldn’t wait until you feel like doing what is right. Take the biblical action commanded and your feelings will follow.


Ms. Della!

I have known this little nice lady for over a year and even at her old age she is challenged by so many things and they seem to find a way to break her down most days. She has shown me how to be more compassionate in dealing with “certain situations” with women with a past like hers. It is VERY easy sometimes to judge others when you are unaware of what the whole situation may be. I have had the pleasure of ministering with Ms. Della and it has changed my life FOR THE BETTER.

The inescapable fact in life is that, one-day, we will become an elder and HOPEFULLY we will have someone to take care of us!

However, the importance of respecting elders should not just be for that reason. We should give respect to elders for a number of reasons. Not least of these is that at least two of our elders brought us into this world, and they nurtured, cared and educated us until we were able to fly the nest and care for ourselves.

Most elders have invested a lot of time and effort into making our lives better, providing us with opportunities and been there to share in our joys and sorrows.

In addition to this, people who have been around this world a lot longer than us have a lot to offer. They have acquired knowledge and wisdom, which if respected they are willing to share with us. They have also had experiences and therefore can help to guide us through problems that may arise in out life.

Finally, we should treat our elders, and all other people we come into contact with, with the respect that we would want them to extend to us.



Thank You ALL!


Today is more than just having a day off of from work and getting together with friends and family to eat bar b que and play games! Lives were lost so that WE can have “this day” and many more like it!!!

To the soldiers, the nurses, the doctors, the air traffic control men, the chaplains, to the families, to the American supporters… thank you all for every single part that you have played and STILL playing so that people like me can be FREE! Thank you for risking your life so that I would NOT have to risk mine! Thank you for enlisting in the United States Military so that in the people who were born from the 1970’s until present would NOT have to be DRAFTED!!!

I am grateful to the families who are standing strong and being loyal to their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, mothers and friends who CHOSE to fight for this country!

Thank you and I do indeed remember this day to recognize as well as SALUTE each and every individual who has ever played apart in keeping this country safe!

Foreign and Domestic is what the troops as well as the soldiers who are on reserve have taken an OATH to do and I am grateful!!


School Project

The enemy would LOVE to take any human being at any time…any moment and anywhere. If he can obtain “space” during childhood years, to him that is a prize to him. The early years…the growing years…the crucial years are CRUCIAL spiritually.

Right now in one of my Grad School classes we are focusing on deviance and how it happens. I am focusing my studies on HOW – WHEN and WHY it occurs.

This video is a sad but great example to explain and show that spriituality is apart of it. Look at her age and the things that are coming out of her mouth.

Women's Stuff

Special Note to “Some” Women

W -O – M -E -N …………  O -P – E – N   ……………….   Y – O- U– R  …………….. E – Y – E – S

Women in leadership roles…. via ministry as well as being a wife…..  UGGHH… being dominate isnt the answer!

Realize the man is the head and learn how to utilize your role to uplift him… (if you love him)

Understand that submission is an attitude not a cave man mentality syndrome…

Respect that a man needs to feel wanted…..remember they have pride

Re – evaluate your understanding of authority so you can stay in your own lane

Via ministry….. it is VERY EASY – EXTREMELY EASY – DISGUSTINGLY EASY for women to get pumped up…

First of all…. right now in the church – the NEED for “bodies” is at an all time high that a lot of people will tell you anything to get you into a position and pump the ego that you NEVER HAD BEFORE to keep you there!

Wisdom will tell you to pray and study the man before you jump off the deep end “assuming” that you are more equipped / knowledgable / more spiritually mature than your mate. Even if it is not your mate….it can be your brother…father…friend… etc.

 Cool Glitterz

Just support them!!!! Being a man in this world has enough of its own challenges…..and if the man is a minority – whew you really need to be a tad bit more sensitive!!! Be a lady and enjoy your role so he can flow in his with EASE!

Let men be men without you telling them what to do…. find wisdom ways to help show them.. (that’s better than telling them) even if we are right 95 percent of the time ( LOL ) let them feel as if they are right and figured it out all by themselves!

Anyway… back to leaders who tell you how wonderful you are and called of God!! LOL They are not worried so much about your destiny…your calling…your purpose etc.. and if you notice…….. women seem to be the TARGETS of getting their egos pumped more so than men! Women are emotional and if they have not been “properly affirmed” they will FALL FOR THE FEATHERLY WORDS that are spoken to them.

Due to the fact that a great deal of men have not been on their post spiritually / ministerally…… has called the outburst of women to come to the forefront in ministry. Which IS NOT A BAD THING…. but like everything else… there should always be balance right!

Women preaching like men….women wanting to be ruler over men in the workplace… the pulpit….in the home….in the board room etc…etc..etc….  it is okay for us to be strong but not tough… I think it is so unbecoming!

ok im done!

Helping Self...

God and Us


To understand God is to know HIM – and have entered a personal relationship with HIM. When that happens, it will be a little bit easier to know that HE is the only one who can re – route the final destination of all of your troubles!

Sometimes we have to be willing to let go in order to let God and when we relinquish those things that have served their purpose, we allow space for all that is new & beautiful that we otherwise may not have had room to receive!

Just don’t doubt HIM in the progress!!! He loves us so do not doubt that and if you understand what REAL LOVE is, then you will welcome your progress no matter how difficult it may become. Why? Because you know what ‘your end” will indeed be!

Understand that In transition (s) some people / things and of course situations have to be added – deleted and overall re – evaluated to see the original purpose “if there is any”….

It is time to CONTINUE and fully embrace the season (s) of transition and God’s favor for our lives!

Understand that God is in control and he grants us the GRACE AND MERCY to also have “a say in our lives” by allowing us to make our OWN choices / decisions. We cannot blame Christ for making wrong choices when we do not operate in obedience. He leads and guides and it is our responsibility to FOLLOW HIM –

Get to know God and relinquish the power that you think that you have over your life because your life is not your own.


Being Grateful


Be grateful for mistakes.
Mistakes are what teach lessons.

Be grateful when you are tired,
Your hard work often means that you have made a difference.

Be grateful for unaccomplished goals.
If all were reached, what would there be to work towards?

Be grateful for shortcomings;
they provide the prospect for improvement.

Be grateful when you don’t understand;
It gives you the opportunity to learn something new.

Be grateful when times are trying.
Those times make you stronger.

Be grateful for progression. And persistence.
And days, good or bad.

Be grateful for difficulties.
How you handle them, speaks volumes to your character.