What If Moses Had I- Pads (instead of the 10 Commandments)

mosesandipadsThe photo may REALLY look silly but in the world that we live in…. People would STILL have sinned


if we could SKYPE God…..

Text our prayer requests….

LOL our enemies……

Email our sins…..

Facebook Request our levels of forgiveness

Tweet our apologies…..

Instagram our way into Heaven……

God knows that the list could go on and on and the SAD THING is that if God would allow it, people would do it!


Eat – Chew and Swallow This!

Women's Stuff

Women Stuff

Pretending to text in public…

Oh my goodness….. when I am not blogging on my laptop when I am out, I will blog using my phone…. HOWEVER, the photo above reminds me of MYSELF and I am sure countless other women who may not want to be bothered by “certain men ” who are trying to make eye contact! LOL

I actually saw this movie and this part was so amazingly funny! Nonetheless, some people may say, why ignore people right? Well it is NOT ignoring the “on – looker” because this is our way of trying to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to “appear very busy” at that present moment, hoping they will have considerationt to NOT BOTHER US! LOL

Now, I will admit that sometimes this does not even work because some men have STILL WALKED OVER and I could have tons of papers SPREAD OUT ALL OVER MY TABLE! I think to myself, geesh!!  You see that I look busy and if you are interrupting me…

PLEASE  “at least” ……..