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Everyday Message 2 God –

Dear God,

I owe YOU Big Time!!!!



Thank You ALL!


Today is more than just having a day off of from work and getting together with friends and family to eat bar b que and play games! Lives were lost so that WE can have “this day” and many more like it!!!

To the soldiers, the nurses, the doctors, the air traffic control men, the chaplains, to the families, to the American supporters… thank you all for every single part that you have played and STILL playing so that people like me can be FREE! Thank you for risking your life so that I would NOT have to risk mine! Thank you for enlisting in the United States Military so that in the people who were born from the 1970’s until present would NOT have to be DRAFTED!!!

I am grateful to the families who are standing strong and being loyal to their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, mothers and friends who CHOSE to fight for this country!

Thank you and I do indeed remember this day to recognize as well as SALUTE each and every individual who has ever played apart in keeping this country safe!

Foreign and Domestic is what the troops as well as the soldiers who are on reserve have taken an OATH to do and I am grateful!!


thank – you

Nothing MAJOR to blog about at the moment but I wanted to take this time out to tell God THANK YOU for allowing me to see yet another day! I have learned to enjoy ALL seasons of my life “while I still have one”… Life is good, even when it seems bad because I am alive! The sun, the rain, the hot scorcher temperature days and the crazy winter months that lie ahead…

Lord I thank you! We complain a great deal over soo little when God has given us SOO much and made provision to SUSTAIN us! We must realize that we have been very ungrateful and it MUST stop….

Remember that The Good Lord giveth…. and the Good Lord taketh away!!

A great deal of people did not wake up today…..The full mobility of all of my limbs…. A great deal of people are not able to walk, or move their arms etc. I can see, a great deal of people are blind! I can hear, a great deal of people are mute!! That is shouting territory right there  <<<<<<

I have been through the FIRE, THE STORM AND THE RAIN over the last 5 years and in GOD’S Numerology, 5 represents >>> GRACE <<<<<<  So I surely thank Jesus Christ for granting me the grace to get through the LONG season that I have endured.. I must admit, that there were alot of times that I have failed my tests, but I realized it and God, the Father allowed me to “RE – TAKE ” then all!! I felt like shouting right there! Whew,,,,  enjoy the song!

Best Thank You Song that I could think of!! Shout of to Walter Hawkins for making one of the BEST songs in Gospel History!

Verse 1:
tragedies Are Common Place. All Kind Of Diseases, People Are Slipping Away.
economies Down, People Can’t Get Enough Pay, As For Me, All I Can Say Is, “thank You, Lord For All You’ve Done For Me”.

verse 2:
folks Without Homes Living Out In The Streets And The Drug Habit Some Say, They Just Can’t Beat. Muggers And Robbers, No Place Seems To Safe, Be You’ve Been My Protection Every Step Of The Way And I Want To Say, “thank You, Lord For All You’ve Done For Me”.

(It Could Have Been Me) Thank You,
(Outdoors) Thank You,
(With No Food) Thank You,
(And No Clothes) Thank You,
(Or Left Alone) Thank You,
(Without A Friend) Thank You,
(Or Just Another Number) Thank You,
(With A Tragic End) Thank You, Lord.
(But You Didn’t See Fit) Thank You,
(To Let None Of These Things Be) Thank You,
(’cause Everyday By Your Power) Thank You,
(You Keep On Keeping Me) Thank You;
(And I Want To Say) Thank You Lord For All You’ve Done For Me.

repeat Chorus.

vamp 1:
i Wanna To Thank You For Your Love (Thank You).
thank You For Your Power (Thank You)
thank You For Protection (Thank You)
every Hour (Thank You).

The wording is nice BUT YOU MUST HEAR the actual song!! Here is the link below

Walter Hawkins



Thank “YOU” for caring…….

This blog goes out to the people who have really showed some concern for me over the years…….. although there were few in number….. but i appreciate the genuine love and prayers…. it has allowed me to hold on like you wouldnt believe….

I have gone through so many things in my life and it seemed as within the last 4 years that i was just floating amongst the clouds and sleep walking here on earth….

mind was seriously in the clouds from all of the major transitions that were occuring in my life….

geesh!!!  i have made choices and changes for everyone but myself….. trying to assist…. trying to be a better friend… a better sister.. a better daughter ( that one almost threw me under the bus ) a better mother….. ( whew…. lawwd ) a better follower of Christ ( hard only because its easy to flip out but it takes wisdom to stay calm and pull a W.W.J.D. ) a better community servant etc…..etc..etc…

in the end it seemed like…..looked like and MY GOD…. it felt like that it was ” i ” who was left damaged all because i was trying to assist others and almost killed myself mentally, emotionally, phsyically, financially and lets not forget spiritually IN THE PROCESS…..

listen.. i am not superwoman… although i have some super woamn tendencies and charachteristics.. IM NOT HER…

truth be told… i dont desire to be her anymore because superwoman dont have no balance….. she strong yeah.. but at the end of the day… she really dont have it together.. it just LOOKS LIKE SHE DOES!

so thanks to everyone who stood by me by way of preayer… by way of silence.. by way of phone calls…by way of texting ( lol ) by way of emails… by way of way of being silent while i vented… by way of not judging me.. by way of judging me to help me get my act together…. etc.. i can go on but i wont! LOL….

you all know who you are… i wont name because there is no point….

much love… honor and respect….