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Just because Thanksgiving Day has passed, there’s no reason to stop being grateful……..

Something that has brought a positive change in my life recently has been the practice of turning negative statements around and finding something in the circumstance for which to be grateful.

“I am thankful for my 11 year old – PRE -teen-ager who complained about doing dishes BEFORE he left to go with his dad, because that means he is at home, not out on the streets somewhere.

“I am thankful for the taxes that I pay, because it means that I’m employed. “I am thankful for the mess I have to clean up at my house, because it means I’m more fortunate than thousands of people around the world. I have a home.

“I am thankful for the clothes that fit a little too snugly, because it means I have plenty to eat. “I’m thankful for my shadow that watches me work, because it means I’m outside in the sunshine. “I am thankful for my mother’s house SMELLING HORRIBLE of cooking gizzards..chitlings etc… because that means that she is STILL ALIVE to drive me insane of eating these nasty things and making my clothes stink” LOL

“I’m thankful for my oldest son who is in college being moody over the last few weeks but he makes me smile everytime he CHOOSES to text and call me. Also for my daughter being even MORE moodier but smiles when she emails me.

“I’m thankful for all the complaining about government and politics, because it reminds me I live in a country that allows me freedom of speech. “I’m thankful for the parking spot I found all the way at the end of the lot, because it means I have the strength and ability to walk the distance.

“I’m thankful for my heating bill, because it means I am warm. “I’m thankful for the lady behind me in church who sings off-key, because it means I am blessed with the gift of hearing. “I’m thankful for the pile of laundry that reminds me that I — and my family — have plenty of clothes to wear.

“I’m thankful for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day, because it means I’m capable of working hard and making a contribution to the lives of others. “I’m thankful each day when the alarm goes off, and I hear it, because it means I’m still alive. There is still time to serve God and others. There are still opportunities to make a difference.

“Each day is a gift. Each burden holds a blessing, and every moment of life offers an opportunity that will come only once in a lifetime.

“I am thankful — just because — I am.”


Kitchen Table

I know that I keep EMPHASIZING on how awesome that I think my 10 1/2 year old kid is ….but he is! ( well at least 85% of the time ) Look at the little love note that he wrote my mother above…. I was VERY TOUCHED and he laughed at me when tears came to my eyes! I told him when he gets older and he has kids ( according to him, he wants 4 kids / 3 boys and 1 girl LOL ) and his kids show massive compassion to me – he will indeed appreciate all of the amazing gestures as well…

I feel that ” The Kitchen Table” is the place where a great deal of  information can be exchanged and it is funny how when people break bread they become very relaxed! My son talked about November being “a good month” and of course I asked him why and his answer was the same as mine! November represents giving thanks and his aunt, grandma and great grandma‘s birthday is all in one month so that could only mean good things!

Then he stated that he liked Christmas and Valentines Day… Christmas was of course a no brainer – but he did say that he was glad that Jesus shared his birthday with the world! ( my eyes filled with water ) LOL

So of course, immediately – im like yeah..yeah..Jesus loves us all okay now what do you know about Valentines Day! LOL ……. he quickly stated with a BIG MASSIVE grin – Mom its about love! What???????????????????? I fell off of my chair (in my mind at least) I do not get panic attacks but I felt as if one was coming on! He said Valentines Day is for love mom and I love you and my family. I didnt buy it ( although I should have – SHAME ON ME ) I asked him if he liked a girl and he got disgusted immediately and said yuck mom.


So that made me happy and I advised him that he could play his video games for A WHILE now….. After that 10 minute LONG conversation – I needed some air!


Happy Blessed Day!

Happy birthday to my big sister!!! She means SOOOOO MUCH to me and has always been there for me when I did not feel like BEING BOTHERED with myself if that even makes even sense!! LOL I have spoiled her REAL GOOD!! She is going to really enjoy the WHOLE rest of the month of November 2012…… I have had sooo many wonderful things planned for her and God knows that it is MY PLEASURE

She is just SIMPLY amazing…..and deserves ALL the happiness that her sweet BIG HEART can surely hold! Last year was great for her too because I celebrated her birthday until New Years!

Dear ( ME )

Remembering –

Remembering when life was sooooooooooooo simplistic

Remembering when I would sit on my friend’s porch until 2 am and my parents knew where I was and it was ok

Remembering when my father would cook out and all the neighborhood kids would come because my dad fed EVERYBODY

Remembering when my mom and dad would have competitions in the kitchen seeing who was the better cook

Remembering when my father used to sneak and give me coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning

Remembering when my father would wake me up to get something to eat and remind me of the ice cream truck coming

Remember when my mother would fall asleep at the table on top of her books from studying via Nursing School

Remembering when I would comb my Big Mom‘s ( grandmother ) hair and braid it

Remembering when I stole my brother’s bike when we were kids and I crashed into a pole because I didnt know the brakes were broke

Remembering when we prayed all the time and I did not understand the real significance of what it would do for my life

Remembering when I found out that my parents were really Santa Clause and Mrs Clause ( I cried for 3 months )

Remembering when I used to be mean to my oldest sister just because my middle brother told me to ( that was so mean )

Remembering when I used to like a boy for like 6 years and he wouldnt talk to me ( he was scared of my dad)

Remembering how close my family used to be from childhood til my father passed ( uggghhh! )

Remembering how I felt God at church and I wanted to get closer to Him

Remembering how God was reverenced in the house of God ( church is not like that today – unfortunately )

Remembering baby dolls looking like they were sad because I was coloring their face with markers and crayons ( LOL )

Remembering punisshments because I did things just to see if I would get in trouble since I was my Dad’s favorite ( made me stop )

Remembering how I never really wanted to grow up and age past 25 because going beyond those years meant real responsibility

Remembering how stingy my oldest brother always was, been and stayed throughout his life but wanted and needed so much love himself

Remembering how my father was a stickler on all of us as kids would master mathematics and be interested in all subjects in school

Remembering how my father taught me about politics and the stock market as early as middle school

Remembering how my mother made everything alright

Remembering how my baby sister was always so kind, loving and exceptionally smart

Remembering how my middle brother always seemed to desire attention or popularity

Remembering how I wish that I was the only girl in my family or had a bigger family at least

Remembering how my mom and dad would argue but I never knew how deep their arguments or problems may have been ( Im grateful )

I am just remembering my childhood til my days of my late 20’s because things were so much more peaceful – loving – I could see clear but even when things were a little weird….things ALWAYS got worked out! LOL Things are well now – I am more wiser and I am so grateful for the things that The Lord has allowed me to experience… even the things that I felt that were bad, actually were good and usually when we are in situations we cannot see but thank goodness for the Holy Spirit leading and guiding the way. I look forward to my progressive future but there were some GREAT THINGS that transpired in my past! Family is such a HUGE piece of it – starting with my daddy!


thankful monday!

Psalm 118

1Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

Thankfulness is an important subject to the apostle Paul and in the Word of God as a whole. Paul uses the concept over 40 times in his epistles and seven times in Colossians alone (cf. 1:2, 3, 12; 2:7; 3:15, 17; 4:2).

Thankfulness is very important to our lives and especially to our lives in the home. Thankfulness enhances a marriage and relationships on the job. This is true because a thankful heart provides something within that enables people to more effectively live together, love one another, and fulfill their responsibilities to their mate, to their children, and to their friends on and off the job. This will become evident as we study the nature and essence of thanksgiving. Christians should be the most thankful people in the world. Our lives should be full of praise, thanksgiving, and joy.

We have so many reasons to be full of thanksgiving, even in the midst of adversity, but because of the world around and the attitudes of most, and because of our own bent toward self-centeredness, we are prone to be very unthankful.

Thanksgiving is an expression of an inner recognition and acknowledgment of the grace of God in every area of one’s life. Principle: True thankfulness is something that proceeds out of the inner person, from the heart through the lips. If the heart is evil– filled with greed, with preoccupation with the details of life, with problems such as unresolved feelings of anger and resentment, then thankfulness is basically impossible.

Hebrews 13:15 (NKJV) Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.


“happy” – “thanks” – “giving”

This Happy – Thanks – Giving was very different this year but sometimes different can have the potential of being good too!! From the family getting to the house early, to some getting there on time it did not matter because those who were there was meant to be….

Glad of course to have the matriach of the Coleman Family around regardless of the occassion! A great deal of people do not find themsevles waking up every moring because DEATH has knocked at their door, walked in and looked for whomever “it was coming for”…So to have my mommy still here is a major blessing to ME!!

Putting the kids to work is a standard in almost every household for the Holidays! Lol, it was fun at first until longevity crept into his arms and he realized that only certain aspects of cooking was deemed to be “super cool”… son knows AGE means nothing when it comes to assisting in what he plans on reaping the benefits in! EATING! Now get to cutting

This lasted for about an hour between cutting and grabbing bowls and sneaking and tasting the food that was already done… He showed how READY he was to STOP helping too! LOL

My mom nibbled, talked, laughed and sang…..then posed for a few photos too!

The day was going well and I knew that I would have to put the camera down and stop blogging at ANY second…… I felt my sister and she was about to start fussing at ME!!

My big sister Noreen was already up cooking since 7 am and I was starting to feel obligated  to come help in the kitchen….. Well, im next to the baby and I really didnt think that I would be expected to do anything this year! My way of getting out of it is to buy all of the groceries! LOL…..

Okay I have to post a few more pics because Im getting a little hungry and Adults arent allowed to nibble unless they help cook …..besides Momma Coleman! I sat down to rest my feet…. well okay maybe not to rest my feet.. I just DID NOT WANT TO COOK! Look at my mom’s face in the pic below….her face is saying >>.get up and go help in the kitchen!

Okay so after a few stops and breaks in between… I started declaring and decreeing some things to my family, starting with my mom…She indeed needed to be reminded of some of the Lord’s promises!

So then my sister took over and I wish that I could have captured “the moments” of praise but I was overtaken as well.. Nonetheless, after the prayer and praise went on..everyone felt better and went into a quiet but playful mode… Jordan and Jared went to play with the lizard who im afraid of because he indeed is A LIZARD!!

Then, the Lord put on my heart to lead my aunt Betty to HIM… as I was thinking of what to sister blurted out the same thing via my aunt needing to accept Christ TODAY and my mother also echoed the same thing… I said…welp! Okay Lord, he we go!!

At first.. things felt a tad bit stiff for about 2 LONG minutes because I asked my mom to lead my aunt to Christ because she was her sister. However, after I thought about it, it was The Lord who placed it upon my heart to do it…so that meant something…

God was so in the room because she always told me that I was the daughter that she never had but always wanted and I asked her about her relationship with the Lord… She said that she thinks that she is saved but recalls accepting Christ into her life a long time ago..  I then asked her what type of cigarettes that she smokes? QUICKLY, she replied and said …NEWPORTS!! I laughed and said, that is how The Lord wants you to answer when someone asks you ABOUT HIM! Answer quickly and with great certainy!! Then from there I led her to The Lord and we hugged, cried, and laughed……

God is indeed amazing… My mom was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY, so was I and so was Jesus! The Angels were indeed rejoicing on this day!! Everything just seemed so awesome FINALLY!!!

I had to of course go to my first cousin Stevie and offer the same GIFT to him as I did to his mother and my aunt Betty.. He said that he was not ready… Of course I shared a few things with him via not knowing when his last day of life would be and it was imperative that his soul was indeed headed up and not down. I hugged him and we cotinued to watch the football game.

Of course as the matriach of the family, my mother was ALSO going to ask her nephew about recieving Christ into his life! He gave her the same sentences and she did like I did, and just said that she prays that he would change his mind sooner that later.

There is more that I can write because a great deal happened and there are other pics that I can upload but you get the point to how MY Thanksgiving went! Just happy to be alive..happy to have a family regardless of the MANY bumps and bruises that comes along with it… God is good.. okay that is all!

Via MY blog title…. I am HAPPY… I gave THANKS and I GAVE!