This Was Soo Good –

Okay – it is no secret that I am NOT a huge “urban film” movie goer …unless it is a love story –  However, earlier today – I took a few hours to run and see this movie and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that I did! All smiles from me!

The Best Man Holiday knocked my socks off – and made me have a need for A MILLION BOXES OF TISSUE –  The  movie was very well written and done and left me with the feelings of laughter – sadness – happiness – wanting to be married – respecting friends and family even the more – EVERYONE needs to see this movie because the message behind it is just utterly amazing!

I also saw THOR last weekend with my son and this movie was so good! Okay, the movie was great but THOR – GAWWWWD – whew – as I calm down and take my own blood pressure! LOL ….Seriously, it is very nice to be able to take my son to movies that I even grew up enjoying…..he loved it a great deal and I was glad. I am a little strict and I do NOT believe in allowing kids his age to watch abrasive movies, cussing, demonic and basically ANYTHING that is RATED R and to be honest even some PG movies are a bit too much for him. They are surely going to make a THOR 3

Dear ( ME )

My Movie Picks For The Remaining Year

The Best Man Part 2  ( Whew… Nia Long’s play hubby is FIRE! ) LOL

What more could a girl like me want! This movie is HISTORY &  POLITICS!

This movie is full of laughter and a night with your girlfriends..

This movie is all about crime and staring at Hugh Jackman – LOL

This movie has Hugh Jackman in it also! Why Else? ( handsome )

This movie has Ben Afleck in it and all of his roles are my “diverse types”