Finally! –

I have FINALLY been inspired to get a dog only within the last 2 months. I still OF COURSE had tons of reservations because I know nothing about NOTHING when it comes to dogs.

Yes, my son is no different than other kids when they say ….Mom PLEASSSSZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE can we get a dog and I PROMISE TO TAKE CARE OF IT!

Oh gosh the kids lie!! LOL So since I would be the one taking care of it at least 85% percent of the time I wanted to get ALLLLLLLLLLL of my ducks in a row etc. I know that I want a VERY – very – VERY – very small dog and it does not matter if it is a full breed or mixed with crackers and cheese!! It just needs to be VERY SMALL!!! LOL

First I dont know how to potty train a dog
Second I dont know how to teach a dog commands
Third I dont know what sex of a dog I should get
I dont know how many times I need to go to the vet

So there is a great deal that I need to learn and learn FAST.
Nonetheless, the GREAT thing is that I found this video and it soooooooooooooo has helped me and gave me the inspiration that I need to allow me to move forward in purchasing a little doggie – pooh for my son!

You can purchase the little “doggie apartment” going to the site below and pick the size that you need for your own dog! I think that you will be pleased with the video as well!

I am excited seriously!!!