Nothing is 100% Copyrighted – Original

anyone want the orig?

I beleive everyone and eveything has SOME PARTS that are not original…. I mean you figure even if you dont want to beleive it that is fine but just think about this for a second… It is like a huge tree that has been planted but the branches seem to take on their own lives and identities. ONLY 1 person can claim the originality of planting that tree – the foundation but once the tree starts to grow – and each branch grows differently and even looks differently. Just dont be a CARBON COPY of someone else and I feel that you may end up living a great life…..

Ummm,  ASK YOURSELF these questions and when you are done- just know that there is something in your life / about your life that “assisted you ” in making this decisions!

Why do you follow the religion that you do?

Why do live where you live?

Why do you socialize where you do?

Why did you choose the school you attending?

Why are you married to your mate?

Why do you raise your kids the way that you do?

Why do you….. umm yeah…. Why do you……do almost anything that you do?

You copied something that you saw – does that make it BAD? No, but just to prove a TINY little point that we all copy a variety things in life – Point is NOT to copy EVERY little thing. Please MAKE ROOM / LEAVE ROOM for “some originality” of & for yourself!


Ending in

GOOD LORD!!!!! THESE BOYS DROVE ME TO LAUGHTER…. UMMMMM irritation……softness…compassion….much laghter AGAIN …joy….and love! They are indeed AWESOME kids!

However… I am TIRED and ready to go home… remember boys if we are hanging EVERYDAY ALL DAY until Sunday…yall better high five each other and LET ME GO HOME! LOL  ( NO FOR REAL – LET ME GET HOME TO BED ) By the time we were in pursuit of not just walking to the car… but also TRYING TO LOCATE the car but I was so tired and sleepy and worn out… I forgot where we had even parked.. So I said let’s take pics to help me wake up.. THEY SCREAMED NO!! LOL

My son laughed and hugged me REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY tight and said Mom you rock and even though I get on your nerves sometimes, I know you love me… UGGHHH so sweet!! LOL Thank you for the love but okay hug me as we walk and find the car in this parking lot!! LOL Yes, I was STILL tired even after the I love you and thank you mom speech……

Okay, love you Nick, see you TOMORROW-  I had fun bye!!!! Here comes my friend Melissa, which is Nick’s mom and she started taking pictures with her camera of the boys and me and her and the kids almost lost it!!! No more pictures you guys! SOO – SOO FUNNY!

Love you sis but I will cal you tomorrow…… the boys try to SNEAK IN THE HOUSE and they kept saying that they needed to ask each other a question in private but did not want to talk in front of us so they NEEDED to go into the house! Not so, love you Melissa..bye Nickky – Pooh! Good night…. Nonetheless… we got some great pics in one day!  It feels great to be a good mom to my amazing son and it feels just as amazing for him to have a nice best friend and a mother to match!





Quick Moments

Welp…. what do you do when you are about to walk to your car and your son sees a big tall tree and he RUNS and climbs up the branches!!!!???!!!!??? Well, if it is me – I TAKE PHOTOS!

Quick and Random moments seem to hold the most value…the most importance and great memories with friends and family!

My life as well as my crazy son have soo soo many ” all of a sudden moments ” that a camera always need to be available! I used to be the type of mother who NEVER wanted my son to get dirty and wanted him to remain like a crazy walking fashion forwad and preppy Coleman Billboard!  tell you…. he was just as shocked as I was when I allowed him to just go and run and jump around in the grass and just climb trees at random….. ( with no fussing saying  – your going to get DIRTY!! ) LOL

I did not even have the heart to fuss at him and REMIND HIM that I needed to go home and rest because I have been down for the count…tied up in wires….and being poked for the last 2 days. Right when I was thinking that to myself – he came over and just grabbed me and hugged me and said that he was so happy to see that you are alright!……

Well after that good and sweet love and concern from my boy…. I decided to do what he was doing… hanging on the tree! LOL… I am only entitled to live once … enjoying each moment instead of each random day is really blessing me…

I guess this would be a great example of STOPPING and smelling the roses! It was nice to not be stuck to an agenda and letting my VERY mature 9 1/2 year old boy just be a child “at total random”……… He felt and looked so FREE and so did I! Living in the moment is a nice feeling!!!