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Just proud of my son – nothing major to blog about at this present moment besides I am just proud of him……. he is almost 12 and things could be so completely different.


The world that we live in and what is displayed on the television does NOT depict him in any form or fashion. He has been a honor roll student since he was 6, plays 3 sports and 2 instruments and is trying to master 1 foreign language –

He has great friends – great opportunities -and options for his life – He chooses to be respectful and love Christ – does he have a few not so good days? YES – does he sometimes find himself on punishment? YES does he have to clean and do chores around the house? YES –

However, I am speaking as the average black male growing up in America being raised in a single parent household and having only a handful of male mentors in his life and none are related to him at all – he is indeed a great boy –

I am thankful that God has allowed me “to borrow” my son and I pray that I am doing an amazing job in the eyes of The Lord – let my son tell it – everyday he shares with me that I am a good mother – but you never know if he is just trying to “warm me up” for something that he saw in the store! LOL




Can We Move On Now?

Get me my smelling salts, I’m feeling faint. News broke last night that Kristen Stewart, dark chestnut queen of teen cinema, has been spotted making out with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Well, OK, that’s pretty bad, a young girl making out with her much older, married director. But, it’s not that big of a deal. But wait! Shrieeeek! Kristen Stewart is supposed to be dating, for a long time now, her beloved immortal Twilight costar Robert Pattinson! Oh sweet sorrows in heaven, this can’t be happening! Not Kristen and Rob!

Not Kiki and R-Patz! Not our beautiful storybook couple who have thrilled us with all their shy frowning over these past couple of years. Obviously neither actor’s people are saying a word about this right now, but you can feel the terrible tension in the air, can’t you? Can’t you almost hear Rob hurling a commemorative Twilight ashtray to the ground, yelling “Didn’t this mean anything??…………………… He is of course shocked!! He is totally embarrassed but what can he do but make the RIGHT CHOICES for him!

The point is, something big’s been broken. Something once pure and good and true, as rich and thick as any vampire’s blood, is now ruined. Utterly destroyed. WOW – What will this do to the ratings of the LAST SEQUAL of Twilight debuting this November 2012!!

Ok folks…. I am being VERY SILLY RIGHT NOW….. anything or anyone that gets attention of God like figures eventually dismantles… young kids…. teenagers…young adults… WORSHIPPED the cast from Twilight Saga Movies…..

I thought that I was the only one in my age bracket 40 and up who were starting to give all this twilight hype a chance… I found it to be very interesting.. not obsessive but interesting… then lo and behold my age bracket and even senior citizens have gotten the Twilight Saga bug!

Welp…. these kids made Kristen Stewart a god and she FELL so now they are back to reality….. it is ok to like an actor or actress but the way that the WORLD has been reacting to the indiscrections of her and a married man shows how deep of a hold these actors and actresses had on our young kids today!

God is a jealous God…. and He allowed the indescesretions to be exposed…get over it people and continue living…. She was not loyal and neither was the married man she was cheating with…. okay now what? Do we continue to forget about REAL ISSUES that are “really going on” in this world…….

Can we move on now? I mean the horrid shooting ONLY transpired less than a WEEK ago and this cheating situation has taken over the media coverage! #SAD

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Just let the music set you free♪<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

I wonder why these are the MAIN role models that a lot of Young women seem to have a great deal of choices in today’s society. However, the list of women they choose to look up to his indeed a very interesting list!  Of course as well as unfortunately they are mainly music stars! I mean yes they sing, dance and acclaim some sort of fashion sense BUT WHY IS THAT ENOUGH to be considered a role model? A lot of tweens – teens and even adults look up to these women……

Even when I was in high school some of my role modles may have been a few singers BUT they had and SHOWED another sense of educational involvement with their fans as well. I also looked up to people who were “actually making a difference” in the world and for the world. Whatever happened to people wanting to aspire to be astronoauts, fire fighters, police officers, attorney’s doctor’s, chemists or even a school teacher for goodness sake.

No disrespect to the craft of music BUT these mainstream women have NOT shown or proven to be self worthy for world role models! Showing skin is one thing but being naked with tiny cover ups is not good. Also singing about kissing girls to re – dating a boyfriend who brutally beat you, to a singer who talks about worshipping the devil, to a singer having boyfriends while married and tells the media she doesnt care… “So far” Adele seems to be the safest, but she does have a very serious POTTY MOUTH! I understand letting loose sometimes but doesnt “a lady” know when to be one – especially in PUBLIC? Let your bloopers be in private and occur as less as possible when in public.

Nawww, I will take a SERIOUS pass via choosing 80% percent of today’s r and b and pop singers as “first choice” role models! Sorry!

Wait….let me take that back.. I cant say that because what I evidently feel is a role model attached to succes as well as WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY may be different to the people / fans that support these women above! You then would also have to be forced to define what is success to you? If it starts and stops with MONEY….then I can see why these women would be some women’s ONLY role models.