Love Your OWN Bling!

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Dear ( ME )

Hunger Baby!

Yeah buddy, I just finished watching this – OF COURSE……. OF COURSE…. OF COURSE….. this movie has been out forever right! LOL

Yeah… I know that I was LIKE REALLY LATE, seeing this movie but I am glad that I did….. I mean the commercials that they put out did not phase me at all. However, a great deal of people stated that in most of these types of movies that there is always a huge following via book readers before the films are even made. Well, yes I do read…but I would never buy this type of Genre of book to read… Even with the TWILIGHT SAGA circus – I really have grwon to dig me some Twilight but I have NOT read any of the books or will I……

Going to the movies at least 2 times a week, I will no longer pre – judge every movie like I have been doing over the last few years….

Nonetheless, indeed I liked this movie and now I CANNOT wait until Hunger Games Part 2 comes into the movie theatre!


Who Cares if He’s 9!

I understand that MOST of the time, the way that people turn out by their teenage years is predicated on how they were raised and groomed during their toddler and pre teen years, oh let us not forget the enviornment that they spent most of their time in.

However, I cannot imagine someone bullying my 10 year old son, physically or verbally without me wanting to literally FLIP OUT….. I was raised semi – almost perfect, with a few dents here and there but overall I felt that I had a descent life.

If things were bad, my mother and father surely did an AMAZING JOB hiding things! Nonetheless, when it comes to parenting….. I continue to try and instill MOST of the things that were embedded into me towards him… So far, so good!

A few years ago, if someone advised me that what you are about to see on the link below transpired…I would have thought they LIED! However, it is almost 2013 and I have unfortunately seen the indiscretions of  a few younger kids myself, as young as 6 years old doing horrid acts. New laws need to be put in place and change the AGE brackets of getting arrested. Kids like this surely needs therapy as well as being placed in a juvenile detention center for a while and hoping it will “assist them” in changing their ways! UUGGHH –

If it was your child, niece, cousin, sister, friend etc..etc…etc.. would YOU CARE if he was only 9? He is a little killer in the making if he does not get the help that he needs. Calling him a killer to some may be a horrible thing to say but im looking at the behavior he is CLEARLY displaying and a psychiatrist and psychologist looks at behaviors of serial killers…pedophiles…bombers.. major key player in a gang …..etc…. and study their behaviors seeing how they were as a child…a young adult etc.. finding a mental health trail to see what made them tick BEFORE they obviously snapped.

This little boy is 9 and the force and trauma he is imposing on these little infants and toddlers is gut wrenching in its finest hour…. Pay attention to kids like these so we can PREVENT any more Columbine and Colorado shootings!!!

Horrid behavior in this clip! …….#SERIOUSLY 

Here is the link….      Arrow : A Colourful 3d Rendered Falling Red Arrow Illustration Stock Photo


Can We Move On Now?

Get me my smelling salts, I’m feeling faint. News broke last night that Kristen Stewart, dark chestnut queen of teen cinema, has been spotted making out with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Well, OK, that’s pretty bad, a young girl making out with her much older, married director. But, it’s not that big of a deal. But wait! Shrieeeek! Kristen Stewart is supposed to be dating, for a long time now, her beloved immortal Twilight costar Robert Pattinson! Oh sweet sorrows in heaven, this can’t be happening! Not Kristen and Rob!

Not Kiki and R-Patz! Not our beautiful storybook couple who have thrilled us with all their shy frowning over these past couple of years. Obviously neither actor’s people are saying a word about this right now, but you can feel the terrible tension in the air, can’t you? Can’t you almost hear Rob hurling a commemorative Twilight ashtray to the ground, yelling “Didn’t this mean anything??…………………… He is of course shocked!! He is totally embarrassed but what can he do but make the RIGHT CHOICES for him!

The point is, something big’s been broken. Something once pure and good and true, as rich and thick as any vampire’s blood, is now ruined. Utterly destroyed. WOW – What will this do to the ratings of the LAST SEQUAL of Twilight debuting this November 2012!!

Ok folks…. I am being VERY SILLY RIGHT NOW….. anything or anyone that gets attention of God like figures eventually dismantles… young kids…. teenagers…young adults… WORSHIPPED the cast from Twilight Saga Movies…..

I thought that I was the only one in my age bracket 40 and up who were starting to give all this twilight hype a chance… I found it to be very interesting.. not obsessive but interesting… then lo and behold my age bracket and even senior citizens have gotten the Twilight Saga bug!

Welp…. these kids made Kristen Stewart a god and she FELL so now they are back to reality….. it is ok to like an actor or actress but the way that the WORLD has been reacting to the indiscrections of her and a married man shows how deep of a hold these actors and actresses had on our young kids today!

God is a jealous God…. and He allowed the indescesretions to be exposed…get over it people and continue living…. She was not loyal and neither was the married man she was cheating with…. okay now what? Do we continue to forget about REAL ISSUES that are “really going on” in this world…….

Can we move on now? I mean the horrid shooting ONLY transpired less than a WEEK ago and this cheating situation has taken over the media coverage! #SAD


Happy Birthday Baby!!

Today is my son’s birthday and boy oh boy… from today until this Sunday am I going to be tired. Since today is  still a school day and a work day, I did not want to get home ” too late” and I made 9 pm my END TIME for the day! My son and his best friend I am sure will wear me out from 3 to 9 pm! Movies, eating, arcade gallery, shopping, and the park will have me begging for mercy by the time I am DONE.

So we left the movies and I had already seen the movie Men in Black 3 but the kids did not and everyone liked it but the birthday boy! That made me feel bad because he really wanted to see the Marvel Comic Movie, The Avengers….. Well it was starting at 715 and it is a 2 1/2 hour movie…. my body politely advised him NO! So now they wanted Asian food from a local mall and of course the mall that they chose was WAY across town from where we were located. However, it is not my birthday so I just went with it in stride…

Yes, I am having fun and who would of thought that I could have THIS MUCH fun with two 10 year olds! His best friend is hilariously funny and acts like he is at least 18 years old! NO SERIOUSLY! The things that comes out of this boys mouth is WROTH FILMING!

Done eating now it is time to go to the stores! I told them BOTH that they can pick 3 stores to go into and purchase things and we have to SAVE MY STRENGTH to get me through Friday, Saturday and Sunday early evening!.. First store is the ALL BABSEBALL HAT STORE! Like really? A store dedicated just for hats? Umm okay!

Oh gosh please just pick two hats and let’s go… I cant take it in here anymore – someone may see me and think I am a tomboy! LOL.. Just kidding but why does it take SOOO LONG to buy a few hats…like really boys? Okay next is of course…. what seems to be EVERY KIDS DREAM… the store that waste time and energy in  a child’s life as well as what I have seen unfortunately break up some marriages because the man does not want to take his duties seriously because he sets aside time for these little devices…called VIDEO GAMES!!!! ( so silly and crazy too ) I already know out of the 3 stores that they are going to walk into that this video store will take up the MOST time…..

Okay please take 10 minutes to review what games interest you and let us quickly go to the check out counter alright boys?

I said go pick out games NOT GO PLAY GAMES IN THE VIDEO STORE! Do you think that for “just for today” that they are uncapable of HEARING ME AT ALL? Lets try again….. 1…2..3..

Umm… yeah… that DID NOT WORK! LOL However, I advised them that we are NOT going to the 3rd store because they are not following directions… Okay they got to the counter so fast, I did not even have the time to take a quick photo! So the FINAL STORE and then I can get home….clean my house ESPECIALLY my messy room and just relax….. we are going to the tennis shoe store and I KNOW this will go really fast….

My son’s best friend saw that I was a little irritated and he knows that I LOVE TAKING he wanted us to take a photo together to ” calm my nerves”…………LOL “NICE TRY” but let’s go…I am tired boy!

Yes the tennis shoe store and my son’s ONLY TENNIS SHOE that he loves is Adiddas and all of their products.. So now we start the birthday shopping and he has 5 MINUTES ONLY to pick what he wants… Yes, I said it.. 5 minutes…  When I was growing up and in my era… you would be blessed to get two things…. LET ALONE your mother allowing you to pick ANY 3 STORES that you want to shop in and who cares that I give him a time limit because like I tell him.. I DONT HAVE TO BUY YOU THE THINGS THAT YOU DESIRE….I only have to buy you the things that you need and even with that being said.. there are a great deal of parents who just DONT or simply CANNOT do it. So be and hush it!

I am an Adidas Girl too, so I can understand how he is grabbing everything addidas…. Socks, Watch ( that he does not need ) and with LITERALLY 2 minutes left how in the WORLD could he FORGET TO LOOK AT ADIDDAS TENNIS SHOES!!

 Like for real… 2 minutes left and I told him he a minute for each shoe he wanted to pick out…He said I only have two minutes left!!! I said well that means that you ONLY get 2 pair of shoes…. ” GET OVER IT “…..

Alright the two minutes are up….. Did we ever make it to the counter? Did my son get frantic and complain that he would not have time left? Would he want to change his mind in what he wanted? Will he be a winner? LOL Will my little 10 year old birthday boy be VICTORIOUS in the tennis shoe store called Champs! LOL

YES!!!! He was a winner!! he grabbed two pair of shoes and the salesman went to the back and had my son’s shoe size and went to the counter….. See!!! Kids, DO HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING OF TIME!!! LOL

LOOK AT MY SON’S FACE BELOW……TOO FUNNY! He was saying to me……… Mom that was not cool – I am tired… YOU HAD ME RUSHING!! For real son??? LOL

So let me get this straigth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little birthday boy’s little dilema!  >>> He mad at me cause he only had 5 minutes to pick out ANYTHING HE WANTED! LOL – WOW


See ya BYE!

My son went away to camp this evening and  I AM SOOOO HAPPY! We need balance in everything and I am just now FINALLY seeking to find and obtain balance… I spend most of my time and energy picking up and dropping off my son at 4 of his WEEKLY ACTIVITIES! I cant live my days running and jumping in and out a car all day and mostly none of it is “FOR ME”….


He will be turning 10 years old at the end of the month and for at least 8 1/2 of his life was just SPLENDID! However lately – I have indeed found myself wanting to tie him up!!  Whew talk about a kid being moody…..this boy has had the most “mini – punishment” cases in the state I am sure! LOL

I am so grateful for my son being able to attend a church that has an AMAZING Children’s Ministry! They are indeed second to none and we are both pleased! They have mentorship….fellowship and most importantly >>>> GOD-ship! They are taught Christian unwavering morals, ethics, stances as well as beliefs and as a temporary single mother, it is a major blessing.


I am so grateful for the first break for me that is MANY TO COME…… For the next two months I will enjoy having him attending 3 more camps because I finally see that I need and want my space and it is important that I make time for myself…… I should miss him this weekend but I dont! I made sure that I prayed over him as well as the trip and everyone involved and ZOOOOMED off of the church premises!  Like I always tell my son and other mothers… Happy parents = happy kids!  GRATEFUL for time ALONE…………………