Bday and Valentines LOVE

I could NOT have been blessed with a more amazing Valentine’s Day….. Yes, I hung out with friends, girl pals and even some family.. but this SPECIAL PERSON had really placed a smile on my face….

My son is indeed the APPLE of my eye!! Mom, women aren’t supposed to pump gas and other things if a MAN is around! I am thanking God for allowing me to have 2 parents that showed me the things of life…. because I surely passed them down. My daddy, RIP ( Norris Coleman) especially showed me what men are to do AND not to do –

Son: Mom tell me what you want from me and I will buy it or do it

Me: Aww baby, you are already doing it – being a good Christian boy and I thank God 4 you

Son: Thanks mom but for real, I want to take care of you

Me: GIGGLE… Jared my love – you have been ever since you were in my stomach!!

Son: Well Here Mom, here is a start……

Me: I’m crying because he spent his piggy bank money on me to show me he loves his mommy!

Dear Lord, thank you for true Godly inheritance….

Dear ( ME )

Note to self….

When I change the quality of my mind, I will have the strength, strategy and power to change the quality of MY life! #teamme! So Speak and Grow……1, 2, 3, ……>> GO!

You rock
Your blessed
Your special
Your appreciated
Your worth it
Your needed
Your wanted
Your honest
Your mysterious
Your classy
Your smart
Your kind
Your compassionate
Your beautiful
Your inquisitive
Your loyal
Your wise
Your prayerful
Your educated
Your respected
Your impeccable
Your amazing
Your jibberish
Your funny
Your talkative
Your peculiar
Your shy
Your organized
Your loving
Your blunt
Your helpful

That’s a nice START to remind myself of who I am right now!!!