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Losing A Friend Today –

I have to admit that this may be ALL of my fault – admitting it does make the pain a tad bit more bearable…..

I really thought that this thing would be good to me and stay my BEST FRIEND… but things have changed between us and I do not know what to do!! I was in LOVE with ” MR. SCALE” …. he was the PERFECT boyfriend.. told me and showed me all the things I wanted….

Eventually he started changing on me….  So either I have to get rid of HIM or change a few of MY own habits…….

We have been through this battle before and this fight isn’t as bad as they used to be, so maybe there is HOPE..


Legs and Bones Oh My! LOL

This is why I can’t stomach meat!! Seriously, does this look healthy or even appealing? Would you eat a horse leg? A rabbits leg? A pigs leg? Oh wait don’t answer that!

Even chicken….. eating a LEG? Now if im stranded on an island…SURE I HAVE NO CHOICE..  Geesh….. going to cook outs be a serious struggle sometimes….. I understand that we all bless our food and trust me I AM NOT APART OF A PETA Campaign… because I love fur and leather products! LOL


#octo -vegatarians