I Mean Really?


I really do not know why there are sooooooo many people who are dare devils and seem to live high off the hog with drenilen….. I get wanting to do something OUT THERE and trying something just a tad bit crazy…… but GEESH!

So now I am really assuming that when some or even most of these people get hurt from THEIR OWN ACTIONS, that should be some degree of pity for them? I cannot see why……. Just call your insurance company and keep it moving!.

Nope…. please do not feel bad, just ask yourself if you would participate in any of these activities… and 9 out of 10 people more likely say NO……Some need to get life insurance as well as regular medical insurance with these crazy stunts!



Dear ( ME )

Therapy Blesses MOST Women

Yeah…..in the car as usual on my way somewhere….. I really know what an insurance agent feels like….. a speaker of the gospel feels like ( even though I am one )…..a salesman……and a bus driver! I mean in and out of the car ALL DAY LONG…….

Attending appointments…. going to family gatherings…..church events…… hospital visits….MY OWN PERSONAL STUFF and my then of course the “present KING” of my castle….my 10 year old son’s major and OVER THE TOP schedule! LOL

So after being up since 745 am on a Saturday ….cheating on my diet because I felt overstressed and over -worked I RAN and embraced my THERAPIST for about 2 hours and being there really shifted my day for the better…..


Umm yeah…. my THERAPIST is Dr. Mall and it has all the credentials that a woman could have! Not even about the titles.. Phd. or Jimmy Choo etc.. LOL  My therapist specializes in RETAIL!!!  Wow…..trust me – women do a lot, even on the weekends! UGGHH…

Everyone should have a THERAPIST!!! ( specializing in retail ) LOL


#Random –

We cannot hold back the wave which the sea flings upon the beach; we cannot control the winds and the clouds and the other forces of nature; we cannot keep away the frosts which threaten to destroy our summer fruits; we cannot shut out of our doors, that sickness which brings pain and suffering; or that sorrow which leaves its poignant anguish! We cannot prevent the misfortune which comes through others, or through public calamity.

 In the presence of all this class of evils—we are utterly powerless; they are irremediable by any wisdom or strength of ours! Why, then, should we endeavor to carry them, only to vex ourselves in vain with them! There will always be individuals who will remember the things that you used to do! However, let that be an encouragement as well as a motivator to help you stay focused on where YOU NEED TO BE according ” to Christ” instead of man!

Do not carry what you chose to give up! Do not allow people to remind you of where you once were! Do not invite past negativity into your present victories! It is the past!

Besides, there is no reason why we should even try to carry them! It would be a very foolish little child, in a home of plenty and of love—which would worry about its food and clothing or about its father’s business affairs, and be all the while in a state of anxiety and distress concerning its own safety and comfort. The child has nothing whatever to do with these matters! Its father and its mother are attending to them.

Philippians 3:13

No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,