Would YOUR Pick Be Accurate?

Okay, like AMERICA…. let’s act as if we are at a carnival or playing a GAME on Facebook…. Which photo would you say is an aggressive person?

Martin Luther King Jr.

... Luther King, Jr. in Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie Goes Viral | Alternative

New York  State Representatives

trayvon – hoodies Answers From Men

This Grey Hoodie

A Professional Basketball Team

A Radio Talk Host

Law Students

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon's new hoodie. Oh.


Praying and Planning

If it was a secret before, it isnt now! The country of the good ole’ United States need Prayer and Planning Sessions, Rallies, Vigils and anything ELSE that can be done for the betterment of the country.

More than half the word has heard that things will get worse before they become better I am sure… However what about a NEW saying, that the country may become destroyed before things get better? The times have been compared to the Great Depression of the 1920’s but I think that in a great deal of states across the globe, individuals would disagree with that and say that we have surpassed or BEAT the Great Depression era. I would have never thought people looking for employment would be this horrid! Families out of work for over a year and even fast food chains like Wendy’s and Taco Bell have hiring freezes! Who would of thought that a teenager would be “competing” getting a job at Walmart or McDonald’s with a 20, 30, 40, 50 and sadly to say even a 60 year old! WheW…. Jesus, please help your people! Praying and Planning for the families who feel that there isnt any hope…. God is the Great and only Redeemer and He PRODUCES Hope for the Hopeless!!

The Educational System is almost like cuss words these days……. When you think of school, the first things a parent like me may take note to is what district is the school in? What are the test scores ALL across the board? What programs are offered? Does a PTO exist? How involved is the principal? How many principals have there been in the last 5 years? Is there a bullying policy in place AND is it enforced? Where is the parent handbook with UPDATED and ACCURATE information? To me…… that is just the basics of what I look for and inquire about.

Welp!!…. Now you see why I will continue “Praying While I PLAN and Planning While I am PRAYING“….