Nothing like “His / Her – story”

No words or introduction is certainly NOT needed…..this video clip says more than a mouthful …….I cannot wait to see this epic movie about MY history.

Dear ( ME )

Morning Glory –

Being able to wake up in my right mind, God in my life, Love in my heart, having the use of all of my limbs and motor skills, a roof over my head, transportation to get around, a family that is SOMEWHAT in tact ” to whatever degree” …. my momma doing very well, financially better and a desire to be a better person is MORNING GLORY to me…

Even taking away transportation – I still have MORNING GLORY. The little things have always been my big things and even more so now. Just thinking of how many people are trying to just mentally wrap their minds around what transpired over the last few days via Hurricane Sandy is baffling.

I have NOT complained about a single things since the storm hit the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. LIFE is precious and it is amazing of the tiny things that we constantly take for granted.  Lord send HELP to those areas…

Helping Self...


Geesh!, It has been forever since I have been on –  but I have been so busy that I could hardly almost focus some days! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much has been going on and I am STILL trying to figure out what to do “with it all”…….There is never enough time in the day or I am just trying to do just way too- too too much!

Whether I am Relocating or just moving to a different neighborhood, it seems to always be like a mini major mile stone!  The only thing that keeps me coming in and out of Pennsylvania is my mother – nothing more and nothing less…. There are other siblings but no one “looks after her” like I do and she knows that as well. So eventually moving to either one of those two coutnries that I used to blog about for months will have to be placed on hold.


Nonetheless, always “jumping in and out of the car” and going from state to state is something that seems to be very tiresome but it something that I will continue to do “for my mom”…. In no way, shape or form am I trying to kill her off or wish her dead but I will certainly stay close to Pennsylvania driving distance as long as she is alive!

I have visited New Jersey and loved a great deal of the areas like Alpine! Whew Jesus, is it so beautiful there!!! I have been going back and forth via the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. area for the last few years and it takes a TOLL on the body! It is so amazing that my son manages to have NEVER missed a day of school and I am grateful for that! He is so amazing… he does not care how often we just get up and go as long as he is with me he seems to stay happy! LOL

Oh also, as long as one of his friends gets to tag along as well, he stays busy with activities and he gets to see his grandmother every week he has no complaints! ( thank God )


Nugget 4 Today!

Maryland was great and so was Virginia but as I am getting on the road I sat and pondered over a few things and realized the following:
1. Too much trouble brings DYSFUNCTION
We all have a bit of crazinesss in our families – unable to function normally, properly, etc.; of or characterized by abnormal or impaired psychosocial functioning: a dysfunctional family, dysfunctional behavior. Learn how to recognize trouble so that it does not make you operate in dysfunction and you feel that the behavior is normal!
2. Too much rain and storms brings BITTERNESS
Left unchecked, rain or water can damage the frame of your house (your mind – your spiri ) and cause harmful mold, mildew, and ultimately rotted-wood problems. The constant rain / problems that keep occurring in a person’s life will cause you to become bitter. Constant family issues, people aroudn you dying repeatedly and unexpected, constant financial problems, broken relationship after relationship can cause a person to feel as if nothing but “raining” problems / negativity keeps happening in their lives. Too much rain will indeed make a person bitter without ANY sunshine being seen every now and then.
3. Too much sun brings PRIDEFULNESS
Too much sin can kill, too much of anything is not good and we all know that. However in the sense that I am referring to means too much sun can make one too proud / bring prideful.  Sunshine makes people smile, feel good and knows that “all is well” …..life is great!
However, with the many blessings / favor happening can cause one to forget to appreciate how the sun actually came about, always “expecting” the sun to be there and to rise every morning! If a person only always experiences the sun, the happy days, the shining light – it can be a harmful thing because when the rain and the storm comes ( because it will ) it causes shock and like we see in REAL LIFE, people cannot take it to the point they commit suicide and sometimes go on “stress” killing sprees.
When a person is prideful their ears are clogged and their vision is blurry and their balance is very off kiltered. With pride being 1 of the 7 deadly sins….. you can imagin! Pride is at the bottom of almost every mistake that a person has made in life.
Helping Self...

My kid is Interesting but Hilarious…

Well…..I have had a really nice morning and afternoon and it is not because of the weather!…..

Being happy with my total being….

It is not that I am a millionaire….. or lost my last 10 pounds!
It is not that I am getting married… or have my dream job!
It is not that my family is united….. or moving to Germany!


However…. I am alive and have my freedom..mind body…soul and spirit… Nothing fancy – just the basics of life.

I used to hear my parents always place a very high importance on the Simple Life…..and I now know what they mean.
Family surely  is a nice piece of the good life……….waking up everyday is also a nice piece of the good life!

My faith is sooooooo super duper charged and strengthen to continue this amazing GOD journey that I choose to be apart of every time that the Good Lord allowd me to wake up and try this thing called LIFE again!!!!

I just picked my son up from school and he was half happy to see me because he was in the middke if a chess tournament.

Then he said he forgot to get his tenor sax…..and I told him he could practice Monday and we can go out to dinner and no tutor via homework this weekend……

He all of a sudden gets this wind of energy and starts dancing and said Mom lets celebrate…get your phone!!!

He wanted to take pics and said It feels good to be your son….I said aww that is sweet..then Im like wait a minute….why?

He says because you are good to me….then I said that is a kids way of saying they are spoiled in a nice and sucking up way!!

He laughed and said oh yeah thanks for buying me new Adiddas soccer shin guards and an Adiddas baseball batting bag and helmet!!

I said what are you talking about… He saw the bags in the back seat through the Dicks and Dunham’s Shopping bags….

Hmmm…….my son indeed is an interesting kid!! GEESH!!

Helping Self...

moving – options

Okay if I do States….. wihch I am so ready to do something different –  here are my ONLY choices

1. Washington   2. Texas   3. California    4. Illinois    5. Virginia    6. Arizona


If I do COUNTRIES, which I think this is the way that I may go for – here are my ONLY choices

1. Spain   2. Germany  3. Canada   4. Japan   5. Hawaii   6. England  7. Italy

In my planning, there are so many things to consider but I will have a better idea of what direction that I want to go in within a few months.

Dear ( ME )

Moving Initially –

I woke up one day last year and just went and bought two passports because I was going to relocate to another country for about a year…. I was just soo sooo very overwhelemed with where my life was and my crazy family….that I had just about ” had it “…..no I didnt just about have it… because I was simply over it all…. I already had a storage from all of the places that I have already moved to and from over the last 10 years, so for me it was rocket science.


I was thinking of where I would go at RANDOM …somewhere that is not too far but not too close as well … then duh! I said CANADA! Everyone loves to visit Canada but with my own investigative research via moving there…. I have come to feel that this place is great to live too! Now the cost of living is high yes, but so is Maryland, Virginia and California! I lived in MD AND VA and I am a single mother which states that I know how to handle my business….. Also im a black woman in America – which states that I know how to survive! LOL

I had a friend that lived in Montreal and Qubec so I started planning away! However, when I talked to my one friend – he is like a big brother and at least 20 years older than me.. and he said Why do you want to move so far away? I said Canada IS NOT FAR! I told Daly that ANYONE WHO CAN LITERALLY DRIVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY within a few hours depending upon which way they are coming in at….then that means that  COUNTRY is not far! He laughed and still seemed to try and convince me to stay where I was at.. I said Daly from Michigan its not far and from New York its not far so what is the deal?

He got all serious on me…. and said You have a lot of friends and family that love you in the states, so why would you want to leave all of that to come here just knowing a few people and start over? I told him that I am BUILT TO START OVER and it has NEVER bothered me ever….

I still was just SO READY TO JUST MOVE OUT OF THE ATMOSPHERE that I was in…I could not hear or sometimes think straight…but God surely knew how to SLOW ME DOWN! I was going through a cleaning process at my sister’s house and my son was trying to help me. So of course, I allowed him to help and we had a system that was working so good that I was getting down a lot faster than expected… Well the next day after we went through items / papers that we eventually took out to the trash the night before – I didnt see my pile of papers by the couch on the floor. I WAS SO NEVERVOUS inside because I just spent $300.00 on passports and to spend that type of money AGAIN when I didnt have to made my stomach hurt! LOL

I asked him about the stack of papers by the couch and he did not know but after we talked more about it, we realozed that he OVER CLEANED and OVER HELPED that he was just grabbing papers to ” help me ” get done! YIKES….. my goodness I cried and of course I expressed to him that it was NOT his fault.. – whew I felt sick and I could not bring myself to go back and spend another $300.00 so quickly!


Nonetheless, I took this incident as a sign / warning from the Lord that this was not the time to ” VENTURE OFF”…. I also agreed and took the advice of my friend Daly about a year and a half ago and I WAITED…. okay now is the time for me to do something about my choice / desire for change.  Now im praying for timing and direction!