Whenever a church / organization / company has to VOTE FOR A LEADER in it is because of their lack of “DISCIPLESHIP” in that church/ministry. Whenever you have a church/ministry with constant break ups, splits during times of disagreement; it is because of the lack of “DISCIPLESHIP.” 


Whatever you are trying to get people to believe / think / do is a plan for discipleship – trainers – ceo’s etc. In church it is in the name of God……… In an organization it is in the name and In a company it is in the name of the mighty dollar. However, focusing on DISCIPLESHIP is my goal at the moment.Discipleship is not the management of people or personal development, but it is a system that provides the safe arena of love and commitment in order that God’s people might reach their highest potential.

Discipleship is sharing the life of God in the context of real, loving friendships that are developed into KINGDOM RELATIONSHIPS. Jesus Christ adopted this pattern. Though he used the tool of corporate verbal preaching when dealing with large crowds – He functioned extremely different with the Twelve up close.

Most churches are struggling to succeed and will not carry out their ordained purpose of God if there are no Successors being discipled to carry out the original assignment of that church/ministry without bondage. This is some serious business and it is imperative that WE THE PEOPLE “get it right and get ourselves together”……. Thanks Hester!


Obama – and “his care”

A big change in America’s health care system is coming at the beginning of next year.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will go into full effect in 2014, giving millions of uninsured Americans access to health care.

However, there are still misconceptions about the law.

In today’s Just Explain It, we’ll tell you five things you might not know about Obamacare.

Number one… Contrary to what 42 percent of Americans think, Obamacare really is happening. In fact, people can start signing up for state-run health insurance on October 1st. That’s when states and the federal government will open marketplaces, called exchanges, to offer subsidized benefits to the nation’s 50 million uninsured.

Number two… Another survey found that a majority of Americans think the law cuts Medicare benefits and covers undocumented immigrants. It doesn’t.

Actually, the government expects the average Medicare recipient to save approximately $35,000 over the next ten years.

 Number three… Tax credits. Next year, health insurance for eligible individuals or families will be subsidized.

For example, someone making just under $23,000 a year wouldn’t have to spend more than 6.3 percent of their annual income on health insurance. Based on a $3,030 plan, their contribution would be $1,450. Under Obamacare, they’d receive a tax credit of $1,580 to put towards their coverage.

Number four The 80/20 rule. Insurers are now required to spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on providing healthcare. The other 20 percent can be used on overhead expenses like excessive administrative costs and profits. In 2012, this provision saved Americans over two billion dollars.

If insurers don’t comply, they’re required to provide customers with a rebate. In 2011, over 13 million consumers received $1.1 billion in rebates – that’s around $150 per customer.

And finally… taxes. No matter what you’ve heard, your health benefits under Obamacare will not be taxed. The law does require that employers report the value of your annual coverage on your W-2, but the government says that’s just for workers’ information.

In the end, the Affordable Care Act is incredibly complex piece of legislation I AM SURE THAT THE PRESIDENT AND OTHER HIGH POWERED POLITICIANS WILL NOT HAVE OBAMACARE.

It enacts sweeping reforms that involve every state and millions of Americans. Do you think it will work for you? … Siggghhhh and Blaahhh


Note To Others –

Sadly we seem to have a lot of this going around! People who complain that there is no way are the ones who are indeed ” in the way”……. Try something different and instead of thinking that things cannot be done just because you personally cannot see it – ATTEMPT to aid someone else who also sees the vision! Then help bring the plans to LIFE via the vision that you have also seen but did not have the courage to do.

Now once the vision has come to pass, eventually maybe it can and will encourage to stop the negativity within your own mind.


3 Times A Charm!

It is so funny that now that I am getting to see ONE of my long-lost brothers at least 3 times a week now! Funny when we havent seen one another in about 3 to 4 years! It is so silly that we have ALWAYS gotten along but just did not really stay connected like “normal siblings” would do I am assuming – Nonetheless, it is more weird that whenever we have seen one another, we PICKED UP like it has only been a few weeks since we have seen one another or spoken to each other….. That is actually great – regardless how weird it may be and seem!

Yeah.. we BOTH have on our Smiley The Clown grins because we have indeed both missed one another…. As I see him and we sit and talk, I really say to myself that I wish that the REST OF THE FAMILY can “catch the vision” and do something GREAT with it so we can all move forward as a family… We can stay crazy but just COME TOGETHER ya know!!!  LOL


Reflecting –

I can only imagine……

Well actually I can’t even”imagine” especially since I would be in such in “aaaawwwwwwwweeeee” of me even “making it in” because a great deal of people who are always “boasting” that they are getting into Heaven are the main ones that will not make it in.

I want to live right and along my path know that I am doing the will and the work of the Lord….. and NOT ever become so prideful that I obtain the mind set that I dont have nothing to worry about…

God looks at the DETAILS via the things that we do in our lives…. and sometimes “my details” can get me into trouble!