Obama – and “his care”

A big change in America’s health care system is coming at the beginning of next year.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will go into full effect in 2014, giving millions of uninsured Americans access to health care.

However, there are still misconceptions about the law.

In today’s Just Explain It, we’ll tell you five things you might not know about Obamacare.

Number one… Contrary to what 42 percent of Americans think, Obamacare really is happening. In fact, people can start signing up for state-run health insurance on October 1st. That’s when states and the federal government will open marketplaces, called exchanges, to offer subsidized benefits to the nation’s 50 million uninsured.

Number two… Another survey found that a majority of Americans think the law cuts Medicare benefits and covers undocumented immigrants. It doesn’t.

Actually, the government expects the average Medicare recipient to save approximately $35,000 over the next ten years.

 Number three… Tax credits. Next year, health insurance for eligible individuals or families will be subsidized.

For example, someone making just under $23,000 a year wouldn’t have to spend more than 6.3 percent of their annual income on health insurance. Based on a $3,030 plan, their contribution would be $1,450. Under Obamacare, they’d receive a tax credit of $1,580 to put towards their coverage.

Number four The 80/20 rule. Insurers are now required to spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on providing healthcare. The other 20 percent can be used on overhead expenses like excessive administrative costs and profits. In 2012, this provision saved Americans over two billion dollars.

If insurers don’t comply, they’re required to provide customers with a rebate. In 2011, over 13 million consumers received $1.1 billion in rebates – that’s around $150 per customer.

And finally… taxes. No matter what you’ve heard, your health benefits under Obamacare will not be taxed. The law does require that employers report the value of your annual coverage on your W-2, but the government says that’s just for workers’ information.

In the end, the Affordable Care Act is incredibly complex piece of legislation I AM SURE THAT THE PRESIDENT AND OTHER HIGH POWERED POLITICIANS WILL NOT HAVE OBAMACARE.

It enacts sweeping reforms that involve every state and millions of Americans. Do you think it will work for you? … Siggghhhh and Blaahhh


#45 is my NEW Favorite Number!

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Do Your Civic Duty Today –

Shut up and just go VOTE ….. 1 woman made a complaint and started a movement and got legislation passed to get PRAYER taken out of schools…. You hear me???? The opinion of 1 woman!! I wonder why she wants God name on the money that she spends everyday….. UGGHH


For VOTERS and Non Voters –

Vote for what a person stands for
Vote for what a person believes in
Vote for a person who shares the same values as you
Vote for a person who shares the same similarities as you
Vote for a person who shares stances that you also take

DO NOT vote for a person soley on skin color
DO NOT vote for a person soley on a speech
DO NOT vote for a person soley on their connections
DO NOT vote for a person soley on their promises

DO NOT re elect someone for SILLY reasons
DO NOT re elect someone who still promises things from before
DO NOT re elect someone who does not share ALL legislation he or she is passing

The list GOES ON like a bad credit report but WATCH the video – digest the video – listen to the video – comprehend the video – appreciate the video


politics and ME

Let’s talk more politics!! Dont you smell it in the air! Dont you feel the energy! If not, then why dont you? Are you that uninvolved? Are you that unaware? If so, change today and become involved or at least become aware of your political government choices on the city, state and federal levels! Usually people will say that they are BLUE, RED or GREY, which grey represents the in the middle of the road individuals which is fine, but just BE SOMETHING!


Now for so called CHRISTIANS, the voting pool should look like the RED color coded states above! Not so much via the state that it represents but just the overall percentage of RED that covers the United States continent as a whole.  I say this based on the facts and foundation of what the RED >>> The Republican Party represents and was birthed on via morals, values, ethics, and of course the Christian Faith.

Most African Americans are BLUE >>> Democrat because that is how they were raised, however, when does one research ” for themselves” to see if what they have been beleiving for sooo many years is indeed true? This is the time for you to turn on the light bulb in your head right now…

Here are a “FEW” of the stances that the repubs and dems differ: and there are a great deal of them but here are the MAIN stances!

Within a government there are always individuals who oppose each other and who are fighting for control or for a position of power. Usually these divides exist because of differences in political views. Hold on, I am having a flash back on my personal journey!!

I remember when I FINALLY ran for public office and had the time of my life….

However, with my father passing in the middle of my campaign it jolted me and I felt as if I couldnt go on at all. Thank goodness for friends, family and volunteers who too, knew my father because they told me that my father would “at least” want and EXPECT me to finish the campaign and the race! It was my father who gave me the political bug! When others were outside playing, he had me learning the stock market, reading bi-laws and studying President Lyndon B. Johnson, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Presidnet Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and all of the Kennedy eras!

When I began school I loved politics and when I graduated college; I told my father that I one day I would run for public office.

He also reminded me that, speaking well is also a  powerful tool that I must master. He constantly reminded me that when speaking about ANYTHING, I must be able to implement truth and conviction, if I ever wanted people to believe in what I was saying.  He went on to say that without knowledge, I will  just become just another useless pretty face and my efforts will all be in vain. Those words stuck with me via educational goals, ministry goals and every other facet of my life. 

Therefore, it was working for the Brabender Cox Political Affairs Firm; where I really became sure that I was actually bitten by the political bug. Being an African American Woman; some couldn’t understand why I would leave the Democratic Party to join the Republican Party.

 This radical move just proved how clever my father trained me to really be. I then seized this opportunity to find out, study and learn how both sides worked. I indeed learned several strategies and inside information that proved quite useful. As a born and raised Democrat, It was never a question of where my loyalties where; this just goes to show, that radical times require bold, radical actions and strategies, to get things done.

 I am so glad that I pulled myself out of the big hole that I happily dug myself and started back on the campaign trail. I was running against 7 other candidates and when the election was all over, I didnt win with the electoral vote but I sure did win with a personal and spiritual vote! I came IN 3RD PLACE and this was my first time running! I said  >> WOW << just imagine if my precious father did not get sick and pass, I know that I would have surely won!!!! I am excited even talking about it now, becaues I am thinking of what could have been!

Nonetheless, over the last few years with some of the major, uphill and downhill battles that I have endured, things surely went >>> ” God’s – Way” <<<< So with that said I am happy!

Now back to the political antics of the government! Within the United States government there are two popular political parties that dominate the political system. They are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and each of these parties has a different political agenda composed of different beliefs, and a different political view on each of the varying issues. A person’s political view can not be determined by the party that they align themselves with, however there are trends that exist, and generally a person who identifies with a political party shares the opinions that the majority of the party holds on the issues. The political view of republicans tends to be more conservative, while the political view of democrats is usually more liberal.

The political stance that republicans usually take on abortion is pro-life. They believe that a child is alive from the moment of conception and therefore should be protected by the same rights that all citizens of the United States are protected by. Because of this republicans do not support a woman’s right to choose to terminate a fetus. On the other hand, democrats believe that choice is an essential freedom and they support and defend a woman’s right to choose abortion should she find it necessary.

 On health care, democrats take the political stance that all American citizens should have access to an affordable and decent health care system. This may include implementing a universal health care system. Republicans disagree, arguing that if health care is run by the government then all individuals will receive inadequate care.

People who can afford to pay for health care will pay for it and the people who can not afford it will deal with poor care, if they receive any at all. Health care should remain privatized. The political stance of democrats on the environment is that the environment is in a current state of crisis and that climate change should be made a national priority. It is essential that the United States invest in alternative forms of energy so that they can become independent of other nations.

Republicans usually maintain that the climate has gone through drastic changes throughout history, and that the human species has not affected it. They also argue that there has been no scientific proof offered that shows that anything that we do will help to improve the condition of the environment. By creating extreme environmental policies we are simply cutting jobs and hurting the economy. The political stance of the republicans on the “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which prohibits openly gay and lesbian individuals from enlisting in the army, is that homosexuals have no place in the military.

Democrats, on the other hand, oppose this policy and believe that it should be abolished. On gun control republicans take the political stance that all American citizens have the right to defend themselves. The second amendment of the United States Constitution states that all American citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, all American citizens have the right to own a gun. Democrats stress the point that guns kill people and that they are often the cause of many accidental deaths, including the deaths of children. Democrats and republicans have drastically different opinions when it comes to important issues, and they will probably continue to disagree throughout the rest of political history.

Okay that is ALL >>>> for now!


My Voice, My Vote, My Choice….

Am I The Only One?
 Are there other people (regardless of skin color)  taking a closer look but more so a STAND in this election…… it took a black individual to run for us as a culture to take politics seriously…… be apart of EVERYTHING that pertains to your daily life ……  get more involved even more than you are…  make sure that you do something in the coming month of November!!

( even if this is the first time people are registering to vote, let alone actually voting on purpose )

GET UP AND OUT….you know without any excuses like:

i dont feel like gettting up

i forgot, time slipped my mind

its raining .. its too cold

i just got off of work and i dont feel ike it

i cant get a babysitter!! ( come on PEOPLE! )

etc… etc… etc..

Last year I ran for public office and it was a fun, tiresome, great, exciting, humbling, spiritual warfare experience.. Although i did not win with electoral votes, ( i came in 3rd ) but I still won in my spirit and soul man.. I did something that i always wanted to do and ACTED ON IT..  i dont want to have a ” what if .. could have list”

However, with the all of the all of a sudden interest in politics that the black community is having…I have been worried, disgusted and sad.. but I can understand why so many people support OBAMA… however the MAIN reason why most are is NOT enough….

the color of his skin and the pure fact that he has broken into several doors being a black man is great…. but i am very shocked to see that the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.. THE SAINTS are on the wave themselves..

riding it.. building him a boat, checking the temperature of the water, being like a deacon and making sure that the water is clean etc…..etc…etc…

he openly talks about abortion and changing the laws for gays- lesbians and the list goes ON……  like a bad credit report….

but we dont seem to care.. simply because he is black…. wow..

nonetheless..  Barack Obama as well as his beautiful wife has become two more influential African American people that are awesome!

However, i want to thank EVERYONE  for being “” one”” of the individuals who appreciates the color barriers that were broken BUT not gitty on the rest of the “product” that is being hyped all over the nation…….

take out the CHRISTIAN.. GODLY values then YES WE CAN!

But .. what is your stand?  so therefore I guess that WE CANT!

Please people.. I understand.. you feel compelled to supprt him because he is black.. and i do agree because as him being a black man in America and making history.. I AM PROUD.. trust me I am…

BUT AFTER BEING PROUD.. WHAT IS NEXT…. I am not knockin him.. im just rockin the boat and forcing people to think if they are going to get a paddle to help him swim in the direction that he is going in OR will there be a people who will grab his boat and .. or jump in his boat to pull him toward the LIGHT.. 

So running behind him … it is like what the BIBLE talks about via being an “unstable man”..

you can have money… education and respect but still be UNSTABLE..

you are a proud christian man or woman BUT you just love Barack Obama and you will look past all of the negative things that GOD clearly hates……

I do understand that it is almost 2009 and there are several versions of “the word” so maybe half the Obama fans are reading something that I dont know about but the BIBLE still says the same things regardless of what version that you obtain….  

Also, it doesnt matter what political party that you are affiliated with… people who know me also know that I am not a Dem.. but it doesnt matter, you vote for the person ,the morals, beleifs, values…. and the Stand that LINE UP with what you are in agreement with…..

hmmmmm…… just had to get that off me.. because alot of indivduals say Vis, you should vote for him because he is black… and that “errks” me because that reminds me of asking someone if they ” are saved.. recv Jesus Christ” into their lives… and they say…    well my father is a deacon… my mom is a missionary..

and exactly.. what does that have to do with anything?  the same ” deepness” that we portray via ministry.. can we please carry some of it into the REGULAR world…  you can still be Kingdom in the devil’s world… trust me it works and you can…. its called ” standing out… being a light”

Being Kingdom Minded on Purpose,

V.D. Coleman

P.S. I didnt say that McCain was the greatest choice as well.. however. whomever YOU desire to be in office.. just pray for them and that their views, morals, ethics, values.. line up!!