5 Minute Random –


Don’t hate, get upset, disgruntled or walk away from God because of the troubles you face everyday …..Leaving CHRIST should be the VERY last thing on your mind – Trouble don’t last always – even when it FEELS like it – I feel it too!

However, the Bible said that you will have troubles , but your Heavenly and lovely Father Jesus promised that He will never leave you lost in them . He is with you . Believe that God is faithful , and if you lost something , HE WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING BETTER . I can say this with every part of me because I lost not many but dear things to me , and God didn’t betray me . I gained the double ..

Why are you too sad ?The Lord said ” I will repay you” in His Bible . He also said that whatever comes out from His mouth must be done . Believe in Him and put all your trust in Him because He is not like the people you meet , who say ”will do” but never do .

Life can get REALLY hard…things happen and you wonder why AND how long – trust me I know ….I get it… sometimes you want to throw your hands up and it is “okay”…..just don’t walk away from all the hard work that you ALREADY put in….. This is a time for your trials and tribulations NOT to become in vain..

God bless you!!!!  

P.S. Know that this 5 minute random was for me too!


Kid Random –


Thinking of EVERYTHING big and small that I have gone through in regards to my 19 1/ 2 year old twins…. I NOW look at it all in a different light…….. ( well I am least trying to )

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it back…. So when my life seems to be dragging me BACK in regards to the up and down moments with my kids and the emotional – mental and spiritual DIFFICULTIES “that I feel” that they have brought me and my 10 1/2 year old son -….. Love them but they CONTINUE to be and act so “interesting”….

Soooooo interesting (well ugly is really what I mean ) that I question if “they are really mine”….. ( im so serious )

Hmmmmmm… NOW I know that it means that MY ARROW is going to launch me into something great….

So until then, I will focus and keep on aiming on the prize which is to maintain a relationship through the craziness that they BOTH indeed continuously bring! Only GOD can show Mother’s how to love disrespectful kids!


Helpless in Sunday School – LOL

Ugghhhh!! My son was SOOOOOO BORED today in his Sunday School classroom! I didnt have the heart to video tape it! LOL

He was sitting there biting his nails and just starring at the sub teacher like he wanted to just get up and leave the classroom! LOL It is hard to really explain but I just know when my son is bored to the core and it was so sad…. There was about only another 15 minutes left and I went and excused him EARLY and when he saw me he started smiling……

However, when he totally removed himself from the classroom setting… he immediately said, Mom – oh my goodness! I was so bored in that class and I think that I need to be bumped up with the older kids! I asked him why and he started going into the topic for the day in Sunday School…..he was saying that the other kids were getting the story wrong about Samson and Delilah and the teacher did not correct them and that made him upset! LOL – I just love my kid to pieces! LOL

Even in regular school, God has gifted my son to be at least 2 steps ahead of the regular class so I am not shocked that the flow of his class is BORING him! I was like that as well growing up and being totally honest, it is still like that at times. Nonetheless, sometimes God wants us to adapt where we are until we can get to where we are going because everything is about timing! Of course HIS timing and surely not our own!

I asked him if he spoke up! LOL He said well mom, the teacher would have thought that I was trying to be disrespectful and a Mr. Know It All! I advised him that he was more than likely correct – especially if he would have addressed him in front of the rest of the classroom…. HOWEVER – I reminded him that he can always address anyone about anything…… but it is ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION and how it is being addresssed.

He smiled and said that he still wanted to change his classroom and I reminded him that sometimes God will leave us in situations because he sees something further down the line or sees that we have not mastered where we are. That may not be the case in all situations but if it is meant for him to be moved or other transitions need to occur that he is to pray about what he feels and things that he needs and wants out of a Sunday School lesson and we shall go from there…

He laughed….I laughed….. we hugged and ran in the rain to the car! I love 10 year old my kid!


Dear Women –


PLEASE do not wait for the PERFECT MAN because there is not any!!!! The only perfect person is Jesus and you shall see Him “soon enough” okay!! Accept the fact and really embrace that the man God has for you WILL NOT BE PERFECT but God can help mold him into the person who fits securely into the peg of your life. The man is to add to you NOT COMPLETE you! SOME women have a “prison sentence mentality” with this waiting game that they have….

I AM NOT SAYING to lower your standards at all and those who do NOT even have standards, please get some and keep them in tact! However, I am just requesting that women be REALISTIC when it comes to relationships! Know what you want and know what you dont want and GO FROM THERE!! Truth be told when women do not know what they want and who they are as a person they are prime examples to be on the recieving end of broken relationship after relationship.

Just do not desire a Godly man – desire the man that God has for you and pray and BE STILL so that when ANY MAN comes along regardless how wonderful he may seem to be – you will have enough wisdom to see that he is NOT the one and also ENOUGH COURAGE to say no as well! Do not be desperate because that type of behavior gives off an odor that only attracts dogs. Let the men in your life such as uncles, fathers, brothers, cousins, and male friends that you resepct give you some good old fashioned advice when it comes to “their species”…LOL

Also talk to a few God fearing women who have PROVEN to be successful in relationships / marriages who can sit and discuss the things of the heart as well for guidance! If you trust them- then attempt to obtain some wise counsel because other than that – why are your spending time with these people? Seriously!

I do not want women – especially good women who have their heads on straight, educated, kind, saved – followers of Christ, compassionate, prayerful, loyal, family oriented etc..etc..etc.. have ALLLLLLLL of these great qualities but sit – wait – and then DIE like the woman in the photo above!