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The I have a dream speech…..fortunately still LIVES on within the hearts and minds of a great deal of people today. As so it should because it spoke of freedom..hope and change for everyone who had breath in their bodies. Why is it that minorities of ANY RACE “seem to be” more accepting, loving and understanding than MAINSTREAM AMERICA? ( Just a thought )

This may seem like a funny post to some but you know me!! I am looking at it in a totally different light!! Whenever the late, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw an unjustice taking place….he ran toward it to see how he would be able to make a difference! He left his monument to go see about the people….

Now from monuments being built, to speeches being done and repeated on his behalf, to people getting slogans placed on the side of buildings, to rallies being put together etc. etc. etc.

His statue,  his walks for peace, his sit- ins for justice, his marches on Washington, his time spent away from his family his preaching / speeches, his death STILL should mean something – 


Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids are still trying to carry out their father’s dream today! Nonetheless, a dream is something that you think about and wish how things could / should be.

His dreams did eventually turn into reality but overall – some of things that were accomplished have indeed turned a portion of his dreams to nightmares…….. His children even recognizes it. We should NEVER have to question our own race , culture, stances, morals, ethics, religion and beliefs and ask ourselves…….

Did he speak for nothing? did he die for nothing? if not…. show me more ..because one example surely isn’t enough

Dear ( ME )

Back to Maryland I Go!

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Who would NOT love Maryland huh?  Even if you live there and make 4 hour drives every now and then to see your family and handle business? Welp, to me – You have politics, you have history, you have nice neighborhoods and you have The Baltimore Ravens! #cantwait

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Photo: S Ed Reed (Photo by Shawn Hubbard)


Photo: The full team arrives for training camp TODAY!!! Another great Ravens season set to begin.

Gotta Love MY PURPLE!!
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Coach Harbaugh

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The 2012 NFL Season will be EPIC!!

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Little Wording – Just Photos! LOL

Welp, I spent a Sunday with my family in West Virginia and I had a GREAT TIME – No like seriously! Wonderful!


All of my family is not weird – crazy- dysfunctional – disrespectful – dead – liars – unsaved etc..etc..etc..

I love my niece…she is so sweet! She is soo tiny that she makes me literally sicK!!!!!!!!!! LOL

It was funny being AWAY from the city gave me a chance to breath – think and re – evaluate on a great deal of things….

Food was great – the drive was great – the laughter was great – the prayers were great – the convo was great and I was so blessed..


It feels great to be in an atmosphere where no one wants anything from you but just your genuine love and respect…. My love for people as a whole has always been huge! Regardless if you are my family or not – I have a ” im there” so to speak mind set. ( you have to be nice to me though, because you can get more bees with honey ya know! ) LOL

Seriously though, when im around some parts of my family it is ALWAYS bitter sweet because I am trying to figure out what happened to everything and everyone else.. GESSH!!  – UGGHHH!!

I think to myself, whew – is this ” a piece ” of how God feels when His FIRST INSTITUTION of marriage then family was torn apart behind some FOOLISHNESS!!! Yes, disobedience is indeed foolishness….. Oh Adam and Eve –  I am so livid at you BOTH!!!  UGGGGHHH – again!

Ever since God has given me the heart for family – things have gone CRAZY in my family! Go Figure! I am trying Lord….. WHEW – you know that I need some serious reinforcements right??

I love my family…..  ( BIG GULP ) even when they are mean – crazy – nasty – etc…etc..etc..I HAVE HOPE!

Helping Self...

A Daily Nugget

Do not get upset when people let you down because, if their actions do not support FRIENDSHIP – just remember that…..


On A Serious Note –

When you are a people pleaser and you have had the taste of a life that you do not want to give up….you will make decisions at any cost. Outcomes will not matter because your only goal is to obtain what you desire so badly and being re – elected is no different.

Being the ruler of a mega power does something to a person’s ego and whatever their religious beliefs ALWAYS cross over into the types of legislation that you will try to push and mandate for the country that you are ruling because you want everyone to think like you or at least share a great deal of similarities of you.


I obey God and not man. Obama is “currently” my President but He is not my Friend, Mentor, Family Member, Pastor, Bishop etc..etc..and certainly not my Lord. I Can’t stand with you on this one Mr. President, regardless if your last name was Obama, Clinton, Johnson, Washington or even Kennedy.
GEESH! Truth be told…. I am still in prayer mode and my flesh has FINALLY caught up to my spirit so I am no longer upset because this is a Spiritual attack and not a fleshy attack.
This is not a political blog update….Nonetheless, it certainly  involves a political figure. For those who do not understand why I am continuing commenting about the choice of the current president…….just PRAY!
People of The Christian Faith who are not ashamed to acknowledge Jesus Christ, I want you to be reminded that AMERICA is in some serious SPIRITUAL trouble!
The Holy Bible tells us and I tell you, that surely have some very TRAGIC things coming to us if we don’t get before God and cry out for mercy.
>>> OH GOD —— MERCY!!!

Friday Night Arena Football




















Im having a ball and my son Jared is out of control…lol he is having sooooo much fun he is drunk with the giggles!

It is a blessing to be able to expose my son to various things… He is 9 1/2 and has been apart of some amazing things in his life.

Thank you GOD!

Dear ( ME )

This is NOT facebook!

Okay, I was sent these questions to answer….. a lot of bloggers I am assuming are asking each other questions to get to know one another better…… HOWEVER, MY MIND IS THINKING – isnt that why I am bloggind and YOU ARE READING IT? GEESH….

I will do this ONE.. I repeat one request and if you desire to know anything else… read my blogs or just continue to read your imagination okay! Again even doing this is REMINDING me of facebook! ( I could of sworn that I got off of facebook a year ago) GEESH!


1. Describe yourself in one word.


2. Favorite childhood memory

They all stem around my father and brother Lamonte

3. Best accomplishment/moment of triumph.

Getting over what people wanted for MY LIFE :)

4. Your current job and what you wanted to be while growing up

I am a Drug and Alcohol Case Manager and it is NOTHING that I ever desired to be. However, it is ministry to me so it feels like I am getting paid to come to church everyday and minister. I wanted to be a Politician and a Lawyer. ( Still is not too late ) I work in the political arena still

5. Something that you are good at skill wise

Website Creativity, Administration, Marketing. :)

6. Name one self invented superstition

Showing people how smart you are backfires because it makes THEM lazy and unappreciative of what you can offer on a PAID basis

7. A real life story that you would definitely tell ur kids someday .

Help my 18 year old twins of every incident of cruelty that have showed toward me and other family members :)  ( LOL )

8. Name one regret that you have.

One? Only? Sigh……I HAVE MORE THAN ONE! However, I wish I that I would have joined the Air Force when my kids were 4 years old :(

9. If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I have MORE than one thing being honest but to choose only ONE – I would have to say knowing when to take bigger risks / learning to accept help :)

10. Something that scares you?

Not having the ability to create and be productive and NOT MAKING IT INTO HEAVEN

11. An experience that changed your life.

Dropping and changing my whole life as I knew it without even thinking about the consequenses in 30 days to take care of my mother


Kind of glad that I did it! LOL