Being Appreciative – that’s all…..

Do what i did today walk out your house and look back at your home and THANK GOD for SHELTER. Walk back in your home flip the light switch on and THANK GOD FOR LIGHTS. Because there are MILLIONS of people on the EAST COAST are without because of a STORM. You’re NOT LUCKY but BLESSED….

that’s all……


10 to 6

Ummmm 10 to 6 is NOT  a shift that I am talking about…. that is the losing score that my son and his team experienced today! Honey, I was so mad that they lost because I was in 91 degree weather and it is ONLY worth the heat if you win!! Listen, I do not understand how either of them are able to co – habitat in the hot summer weather with barely getting a drink / a liter of water to drink….  I am so not that type of person to be the point that I spent a whole 45 minutes in my car with the car blowing on me!

I am so serious…. being at this game with the heat and NOT being able to keeo my weekend of 4 days of being alone, relxing and enjoying womanhood and NOT motherhood was very irritating! I mean the mere fact that his team lost by 4 points was just as bad but the 4 runs that they obtained was a curteousy of my son pitching and allowing players to get on base because he was ONLY throwing “balls” and only a handful of strikes!  He did good overall but my focus was on my alone time that was yet AGAIN shot to ruins!

Of course, as parents that we will do anything for our kids but I MUST SAY that this weekend was all about ME and it was taken away from me and  I am focusing on what is the most important ………………………… at least for tomorrow! >> ME  I have managed and proven my “amazing parent” award by my deeds and do not need a television t oshow me what else needs to be dealt with!


Memorial Day Beginning

Okay…. ready – set – go! it is Saturday and it is super hot outside… Nontheless – I just arrived at the destination where my son will be for 4 days and I am so ready to leave him behind “”with a smile”” on my face! LOL

I cannot understand why the GOOD LORD above would see fit to allow the temperature to reach 91 degrees today! Actually the whole weekend is supposed to reach the high 90’s all weekend!  My plan was to drop my son off and then RUN to the car screaming IM FREE!!…..IM FREE!! IM FREE!!! LOL

My son’s birthday is next weekend and although I was VERY excited to get rid of him for the whole weekend until Monday – I still found a way to stay with him when I dropped him off at his best friend’s house! LOL Funny right….. can’t wait to get AWAY from him but also hung out for an hour or two as well! However, this is supposed to be the beginning of his birthday celebration and maybe he deserves it and maybe he does not! LOL I think that I am doing this more so for me to get a break being totally honest!

LOL, I need a plan to get away! My son DOES want me to leave but his best friend, older sister and his mom wants me to stay!! YIKES.. NO!!!  ( I am serious though! ) LOL

So I ended up staying for 2 hours and I actually did have a blast hanging out BUT…… It is time to go and be alone and do me because my girl pals are waiting! LOL



39 Degrees and Counting!

Yes it is indeed freezing people…. Welp…it was the first day of Soccer yesterday evening and it was snowing…the wind was blowing and the temperature was VERY brisk!!!

Try the low 30′s!!!


I cannot believe how big my son is getting and has been playing soccer 3 years straight with FULL comittment!!!

David Beckham plays a competitive match for Lo...
David Beckham plays a competitive match for Los Angeles Galaxy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He wants to be better than David Beckham!


Everytime I get a complaining moment..I remind myself that I rather be ripping and running via his activities rather him not having the desire to do anything…

However…being out of the house 6 days a week is HONESTLY a tad bit toooooo much!!!

Regardless via being a Single Parent or not but with only me doing everything, it does take me into overload as he has gotten older.

Kids running around with coats and hats on was a cute…funny and weird visual….

They play and practice in the rain and snow unless it starts thundering or lightening….things continue!

Welp it did neither but it just had snow flurries with COLD wind and the ONLY people who complained about the weather was us parents!!!

Yup!….the kids were great! LOL

Honey….. I see that the weather is acting a tad bit bonkers right through here but with baseball and soccer and ME …I dont know how well that will work being outside in this cold!