Always Make Time!

Mothers and daughters have a tie that runs deep and strong. A bond that cant be severed by time or distance. But, as in every relationship, you must give it love and attention for it to grow and blossom. Spending time with your mom is very important. Mothers and daughters should get together and try … More Always Make Time!

5 Minute Random –

Don’t hate, get upset, disgruntled or walk away from God because of the troubles you face everyday …..Leaving CHRIST should be the VERY last thing on your mind – Trouble don’t last always – even when it FEELS like it – I feel it too! However, the Bible said that you will have troubles , … More 5 Minute Random –

Longggg BUT Good Day

One word folks…… #Exhausted………. Nonetheless, Boy did God bless my mother AND I on today…….. Our last few weeks have been a bit ” challenging…. to say the least ” BUT we have managed to remain overcomers in Christ Jesus – Oh it’s soo amazingly nice to be friends with people for years and you see each other … More Longggg BUT Good Day

Dave and Busters

I swear this restaurant is such a family atmosphere BUT I’m not too keen on the overall experience there……. Besides “the game playing area”…..    it feels like an overly fast paced restaurant that wants to get as many people IN ….just as much as they want to get the people OUT. Every time I’m at … More Dave and Busters

Friendship With Fellowship

I really enjoy having a bunch of different friendships in MY LIFE. …. Honey, JUST like Christ, #diversity Rocks!!!!! Me and my girlpals have a “standing appointment” every single week that we meet up and hang out… After the last few months, weeks, days and hours that I have been having.. ….. Especially worrying about … More Friendship With Fellowship