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My God shall supply all of our needs even when a man is foolish and devours what he has. We always want things but we must learn to be content with what we have before God can trust us with the bigger things in life.

The problem is not having nice things though, the problem is when those nice things have us. So be a good farmer and don’t eat your seed meant for your harvest. Remember If it is not your season then don’t get out of your timing, listen to the Spirit of God and His principles and stop trying to be like the Jones when you don’t even know them!.

One thing for sure is If you make enough errors in God, you’ll learn. But If we’re going to be blessed in our homes we must be rich toward the house of God. In closing the quickest way to be cursed is to not pay your tithes.

When you don’t pay your tithes it’s the same as riding in a stolen car cause you didn’t pay for that blessing. Have some accountability! (LOL -amen shdonna)


Kids and the Bible

Many Christian parents face a paradox: How can some children hear the good news of the Bible and believe, while others hear the same message and remain unaffected? While the process of faith may be miraculous, it is not entirely mysterious. Jesus explained it in His parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23). Teaching received without understanding kills the yield. Faith with shallow roots withers and dies. Distractions, worries and desires for other things choke the Word. But one who hears the Word and understands it bears fruit.

How can we help our children receive the Word and bear fruit? Jesus’ parable inspires several practical planting tips.

 Many parents and teachers attempt to impart faith primarily through the transfer of Bible facts. Those seeds will not likely take root unless kids truly understand the meaning of the facts. Sunday school worksheets often use fill-in-the-blanks and word puzzles to drill children on their factual knowledge. But unscrambling the word forgiveness in a puzzle is far less important than understanding the meaning of forgiveness.

Hearing is not enough. Reading is not enough. Memorizing is not enough — unless your goal is to produce a Bible “Jeopardy” champion. Concentrate your time on helping kids really understand God’s Word, its relevance today and how you apply it.


Wake Up Differently


When you wake up in the morning, promise to yourself that you would smile to spread warmth like the rays of sun, you would drench everyone with happiness like the rain, and you will fly away with all the worries in the world like the breeze. Let the nature pave your path and may you always be happy!

Second Corinthians 10:5 says, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” God isn’t going to defend your mind for you; it’s your responsibility. With the Word of God in your mouth and in your heart, you can defeat the enemy’s suggestions every time. 

Regardless of whether your old issues are completely resolved, once you decide to go in a new direction, you have taken the first step toward change. Make a consistent effort to keep wrong thoughts of your past out of your mind. Learn from your mistakes and press forward. Get rid of “stinking thinking” and fill your mind with the truth of the Word by studying and meditating on the Scriptures daily. 

Wrong thoughts don’t have to rule your life. Guard your mind by being careful about what you look at, listen to and talk about with others. God has given you authority over every aspect of your life, including your own mind! Fight bad thoughts with God’s Word. 

Every day you will have the opportunity to go back to old ways of thinking. From your interactions with others, to personal decisions, you will have to choose God’s thoughts over your own. You can do it! You’re not alone on your road to change; the Spirit of God and His Word are there to help you. Decide today to turn away from anything that doesn’t line up with His Word.


Morning Convo –

Every week, my nephew and I have conversations on the things of Christ…. He will be 19 next month and it ASTOUNDS ME on how smart he is! God has used my nephew to get me through some of WORST times of my life! Dealing with my 19 year old twins to be very specific!

We both share the things that we want…desire…think we should have etc… and we both remind ” one another that ”  we have to remember that WE WILL HAVE WHAT “WE”  SAY! The LORD has given us HIS “Blueprint for Success”– which is The Word of GOD!

The beautiful simplicity of The Word emphasizes the importance of “meditating on THE WORD day & night…” (Joshua 1:8/Psalms 1:2-3), which results in us speaking The Word because the mouth naturally speaks based on what the heart has received!

So, let’s not speak due to our circumstances that we see on the outside. Let us boldly declare by FAITH, what we see on the inside: that our Dreams, Visions & Ideas will come to pass!


Bible – Random

Need a Word from the LORD? Open your BIBLE and Read the WORD! Let the Living WORD of God minister to you!

It contains life answers and strategies. The GREATEST Book on Earth!

The WORD of GOD is Alive, Quick, Powerful and Sharper than any two – edged sword, Piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and Is a DISCERNER of the thoughts and intents of the heart! ~ Hebrews 4:12………….


Practical Thoughts

As Christian parents, following God through His Word, we learn, “In all thy  ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:6).” But what  does this mean to us? How can we make this practical in helping our children  through their schooling over which we have been given stewardship? It is a  curious word, this word “acknowledge.”


It means “to know,” “to learn to know,”  “to perceive,” “to see,” “to find out,” “to discern,” “to distinguish,” “to know  by experience,” “to recognize,” “to admit,” “to confess,” “to consider,” “to be  acquainted in or with,” “to have know-how in or be skillful in,” “to have  knowledge of or be wise of,” “to be instructed in,” “to be known in,” “to make  known or declare,” or “to make oneself known or to reveal oneself in.”


Now if we go back to this Proverbs 3:6 passage and re-read it by placing any  or each of these definitions (to learn to know, to perceive, to see, etc.) where  we read the term “acknowledge,” we can readily see the fuller meaning of this  passage. We will do this  shortly.


The one thing that every Christian comes to the point of asking God, when  they come to the point of wanting to do His will above their own, is, “What do  you have planned for my life?” We are practical and searching people. We are  taught, in this world, to make plans and set goals. We also pass this teaching  on to our children. But, even if the plans we make are successful for a time,  they are always doomed to eventual failure when they are different from those  plans God has for us. This is true for the rocket scientist as well as for you  and me. You probably are saying, “Great! How are we supposed to know what God  has planned for us?” Proverb 3:6 and other verses in scripture reveals the  answer to this question for us.


The major reason why “our ways” often do not match “His ways” is actually  comprised of a couple reasons. One reason is that there is sin in the world and  in us that causes us not to think correctly and that only leads us down wrong  paths in life (Prov.14:12; 16:25). Psalm 48:14 tells us that “…for ever and  ever: [God] will be our guide even unto death.” Another reason is that our  understanding is so limited. God takes His position of supreme  knowledge of all things, which is more knowledge than we can have at any time or  level of our education (Isaiah 55:9).