Just in Case…….

This weekend as well as even as early as TODAY, people across this great country are packing up, in route to or have already arrived at their indeed PLANNED DESTINATIONS for yet another American Holiday weekend. Just in case you FORGOT what Memorial Day as well as Veteran’s Day is all about and why it has a place on the calendar here we go………..

It is for DEAD lives!!  – NOT for BAR B QUE and Mini-Vacations





Thought 4 The Night

Photo: Truth!!

All people have to do is just really get the understanding of their purpose and they can move forward.

Dear ( ME )

Mind Wondering Again

Woke up feeling sooooooooo tired on today but overall good! Right through here I will take even just waking up every morning with all the activities of my limbs and being in my right mind. I am going through a phase of sort of re – inventing myself and I am a bit all over the place!  When I get these “bright ideas”….. I tend to wonder off…. to do things that my sister and mom would consider ” QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOR”…… LOL  I tell them that they think that I act different because they have yet to try and pursue something VERY DIFFERENT from their comfort zone! Some people like to watch the action but I like to be involved in the action! ( not all but some aspects of the action )…..

I already started my whole little bucket list scenarios and so far so goo! The process has been coming along slow but I think with more focus I can accomplish more – even the dare devil things that has been added.

I am a little tired of traveling back and forth from state to state….  WAIT!!! I JUST GOT A FLASH !! LOL

The way that I have been feeling all of my life but could never put it into words or really picture it etc…     UNTIL NOW!!!

By now, everyone who watches television of ANY sorts has heard of Andrew Zimmern! You may not know or remember his name but if you say the guy that travels around the world and eats any and everything….people will be like oh ok! LOL

Welp, that is how I feel via re – inventing myself… I need to move around a little bit more – sounds crazy but I have been thinking of visiting other COUNTRIES rather than other STATES over the last past year and a half.  I am seriously looking into making yet ANOTHER CHANGE this year….