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Why are women always so catty with one another? I think of all the EXCUSES that people can use of WHY THEY ACT the way that they do and it still makes no sense besides low self esteem.
Some naive people could say that its the nature of the FEMALE.  Or maybe even humankind in general is the most warlike of all species, and its even worse if they are fighting to protect something. 
Is it that they will fight to the death to protect something they hold dear if they feel the enemy per say, is a threat. Or how about they will fight for the death if the enemy has something they want or need, or if they interfere with their lives.  I am assuming that 2/3 of these scenarios are why most of history’s wars are started.
There are more GIRLS who have the AGE BRACKETS of women but they are not happy with themselves so although they are 40 years of age – their behaviors clearly place them at a age of a 18 – 21 year old GIRL and not a WOMAN!  ……. ( sad thing is that this has been going on for centuries )
Honestly petty girls who do not know how strong they can eventually be like revenge and getting back at each other because it disgusting makes them feel better about themselves! But then you have the guys who too can be petty at times, however find a way to just hit each other and they are done with it.  Ummm…. and maybe I’m a girl and most of my friends are guys b/c girls like drama!!! LOL – geesh…..
One day a majority of women across the world will realize that we are BETTER and STRONGER TOGETHER!!
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I wonder why these are the MAIN role models that a lot of Young women seem to have a great deal of choices in today’s society. However, the list of women they choose to look up to his indeed a very interesting list!  Of course as well as unfortunately they are mainly music stars! I mean yes they sing, dance and acclaim some sort of fashion sense BUT WHY IS THAT ENOUGH to be considered a role model? A lot of tweens – teens and even adults look up to these women……

Even when I was in high school some of my role modles may have been a few singers BUT they had and SHOWED another sense of educational involvement with their fans as well. I also looked up to people who were “actually making a difference” in the world and for the world. Whatever happened to people wanting to aspire to be astronoauts, fire fighters, police officers, attorney’s doctor’s, chemists or even a school teacher for goodness sake.

No disrespect to the craft of music BUT these mainstream women have NOT shown or proven to be self worthy for world role models! Showing skin is one thing but being naked with tiny cover ups is not good. Also singing about kissing girls to re – dating a boyfriend who brutally beat you, to a singer who talks about worshipping the devil, to a singer having boyfriends while married and tells the media she doesnt care… “So far” Adele seems to be the safest, but she does have a very serious POTTY MOUTH! I understand letting loose sometimes but doesnt “a lady” know when to be one – especially in PUBLIC? Let your bloopers be in private and occur as less as possible when in public.

Nawww, I will take a SERIOUS pass via choosing 80% percent of today’s r and b and pop singers as “first choice” role models! Sorry!

Wait….let me take that back.. I cant say that because what I evidently feel is a role model attached to succes as well as WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY may be different to the people / fans that support these women above! You then would also have to be forced to define what is success to you? If it starts and stops with MONEY….then I can see why these women would be some women’s ONLY role models.